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Alternative steel lattice structures for wind energy converters
PurposeIn the last decades, the demand and use of renewable energies have been increasing. The increase in renewable energies, particularly wind energy, leads to the development and innovation of
Diffusion of drugs in hydrogels based on (meth)acrylates, poly(alkylene glycol) (meth)acrylates and itaconic acid
The diffusion coefficient of drugs and the restriction coefficient, λ, defined as the ratio of solute to “pore” radius that describes the ease of drug release from the gels, were used as factors that govern the release process.
The Basic Aspects of Wind Turbine Foundations in Our Conditions
On the basis of general geotechnical conditions in Serbia, the most common types of wind turbine foundations will be presented and problems of the load analysis of these structures will be present.
Parametric study on seismic behaviour of dual-concentrically braced steel frames
Dissertacao de Mestrado em Construcao Metalica e Mista apresentada a Faculdade de Ciencias e Tecnologia da Universidade de Coimbra