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Exact confidence intervals for the common mean of several normal populations.
The problem of interval estimation of the common mean of several normal populations when the variances are unknown and unequal is considered. Some new confidence intervals are proposed. One of themExpand
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Polymeric membrane materials for solution-diffusion based permeation separations
L'ultrafiltration et la microfiltration ne sont pas prises en compte. Separation de gaz: dessalement, osmose inverse; membranes ioniques
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Confidence regions for the common mean vector of several multivariate normal populations
Suppose that there are independent samples available from several multivariate normal populations with the same mean vector m but possibly different covariance matrices. The problem of developing aExpand
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On combining independent tests in linear models
The problem of testing the common mean of several normal linear models when the variances are unknown and unequal is considered. A minor modification to the combined tests given in Zhou and MathewExpand
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Permeability of carbon dioxide at elevated pressures in substituted polycarbonates
Hysteretic permeation results for bisphenol A polycarbonate exposed to carbon dioxide conditioning pressures of 300, 600 and 900 psia are reported. Tetramethyl bisphenol A polycarbonate andExpand
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Mesenchyme of embryonic reproductive ducts directs process outgrowth of Retzius neurons in the medicinal leech.
In the two segments of the medicinal leech (Hirudo medicinalis) that contain the male (segment 5) and the female (segment 6) reproductive ducts, the paired Retzius (Rz) neurons are distinguished byExpand
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Growth temperature dependence of the magnetic and structural properties of epitaxial Fe layers on MgO(001)
We have studied the growth and magnetic properties of molecular beam epitaxy grown layers of bcc Fe(001) on MgO(001) substrates at a wide range of temperatures. For growth temperatures in the rangeExpand
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New technique to measure magnetic anisotropy using the vectorial magneto-optic Kerr effect
Abstract A new method of interpreting the data produced by vectorial magnetometry using the magneto-optic Kerr effect (MOKE) is described. The procedure allows the angle between the magnetisation andExpand
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Structure of epitaxial Fe films on MgO(100)
Abstract We investigated the epitaxial growth of bcc Fe on MgO(100) using STM and LEED as a function of growth temperature. We found the island size and shape to vary with the deposition temperatureExpand
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