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The reacTable: exploring the synergy between live music performance and tabletop tangible interfaces
The reac Table is presented, a musical instrument based on a tabletop interface that exemplifies several of the reasons for which live music performance and HCI in general, and musical instruments and tabletop interfaces in particular, can lead to a fertile two-way cross-pollination that can equally benefit both fields.
The reacTable
The reacTable*, a novel multi-user electro-acoustic music instrument with a tabletop tangible user interface, which is being developed at the MTG in Barcelona is described.
Improved Topological Fiducial Tracking in the reacTIVision System
This paper describes reacTIVision: a camera based two dimensional fiducial (marker) tracking system developed for the reacTable*, a table based tangible musical instrument with the ability to track a large number of fiducials with faster than real-time performance.
Instruments and Players: Some Thoughts on Digital Lutherie
The aim of this paper is the foundation of a theoretical framework in which the possibility and the diversity of musical instruments, as well as the possibilities and expressive freedom of human performers, could all be evaluated.
Reveal-it!: the impact of a social visualization projection on public awareness and discourse
It is shown that visualizations displayed in public settings are able to increase social awareness and discourse by exposing underlying patterns in data that is submitted by citizens.
On stage: the reactable and other musical tangibles go real
This paper explores one of the application domains in which tangible and tabletop interfaces have currently shown more positive results, studying and unveiling the essential reasons that turn live
The reacTable*: A Collaborative Musical Instrument
This paper focuses on the various collaborative aspects of this new instrument as well as on some of the related technical details such as the networking infrastructure.
Roadmap for Music Information ReSearch
TurTan: A tangible programming language for creative exploration
TurTan, a tangible programming language for creative exploration inspired by Logo, which uses a tabletop interface with tangible objects and some interesting technical issues found during its implementation such as tangible linking and angle mapping are discussed.
Faust Music On Line: An Approach to Real-Time Collective Composition on the Internet
Collective creation and the production of open and continuously evolving works are, according to the author, two of the major and more appealing artistic breakthroughs the Internet can offer to