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Identification of a Novel Macrophage Phenotype That Develops in Response to Atherogenic Phospholipids via Nrf2
Rationale: Macrophages change their phenotype and biological functions depending on the microenvironment. In atherosclerosis, oxidative tissue damage accompanies chronic inflammation; however,Expand
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Biological and biophysical properties of vascular connexin channels.
Intercellular channels formed by connexin proteins play a pivotal role in the direct movement of ions and larger cytoplasmic solutes between vascular endothelial cells, between vascular smooth muscleExpand
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Pannexin1 Regulates &agr;1-Adrenergic Receptor– Mediated Vasoconstriction
Rationale: The coordination of vascular smooth muscle cell constriction plays an important role in vascular function, such as regulation of blood pressure; however, the mechanism responsible forExpand
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Pannexin 1 channels regulate leukocyte emigration through the venous endothelium during acute inflammation
Inflammatory cell recruitment to local sites of tissue injury and/or infection is controlled by a plethora of signalling processes influencing cell-to-cell interactions between the vascularExpand
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MAPK Phosphorylation of Connexin 43 Promotes Binding of Cyclin E and Smooth Muscle Cell Proliferation
Rationale: Dedifferentiation of vascular smooth muscle cells (VSMC) leading to a proliferative cell phenotype significantly contributes to the development of atherosclerosis. Mitogen-activatedExpand
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Endothelial cell expression of hemoglobin α regulates nitric oxide signaling
Models of unregulated nitric oxide (NO) diffusion do not consistently account for the biochemistry of NO synthase (NOS)-dependent signalling in many cell systems. For example, endothelial NOSExpand
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Expression of Pannexin Isoforms in the Systemic Murine Arterial Network
Aims: Pannexins (Panx) form ATP release channels and it has been proposed that they play an important role in the regulation of vascular tone. However, distribution of Panx across the arterialExpand
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Bedrock mapping in the Committee Bay Belt, Laughland Lake area, central mainland, Nunavut
The Committee Bay Belt is underlain by northeast-trending rocks of the Archean Prince Albert Group, flanked to the north and west by paragneiss and associated peraluminous and metaluminous granitoidExpand
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Compartmentalized Connexin 43 S-Nitrosylation/Denitrosylation Regulates Heterocellular Communication in the Vessel Wall
Objective—To determine whether S-nitrosylation of connexins (Cxs) modulates gap junction communication between endothelium and smooth muscle. Methods and Results—Heterocellular communication isExpand
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Regulation of Cellular Communication by Signaling Microdomains in the Blood Vessel Wall
It has become increasingly clear that the accumulation of proteins in specific regions of the plasma membrane can facilitate cellular communication. These regions, termed signaling microdomains, areExpand
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