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Preverbal Infants’ Sensitivity to Synaesthetic Cross-Modality Correspondences
Stimulation of one sensory modality can induce perceptual experiences in another modality that reflect synaesthetic correspondences among different dimensions of sensory experience. In visual-hearingExpand
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The broader autism phenotype in infancy: when does it emerge?
OBJECTIVE This study had 3 goals, which were to examine the following: the frequency of atypical development, consistent with the broader autism phenotype, in high-risk infant siblings of childrenExpand
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The Long-Baseline Neutrino Experiment: Exploring Fundamental Symmetries of the Universe
The preponderance of matter over antimatter in the early Universe, the dynamics of the supernova bursts that produced the heavy elements necessary for life and whether protons eventually decay ---Expand
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Visual statistical learning in infancy: evidence for a domain general learning mechanism
The rapidity with which infants come to understand language and events in their surroundings has prompted speculation concerning innate knowledge structures that guide language acquisition and objectExpand
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Infant Rule Learning Facilitated by Speech
Sequences of speech sounds play a central role in human cognitive life, and the principles that govern such sequences are crucial in determining the syntax and semantics of natural languages. InfantsExpand
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Systems in development: motor skill acquisition facilitates three-dimensional object completion.
How do infants learn to perceive the backs of objects that they see only from a limited viewpoint? Infants' 3-dimensional object completion abilities emerge in conjunction with developing motorExpand
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Development of infants’ attention to faces during the first year
In simple tests of preference, infants as young as newborns prefer faces and face-like stimuli over distractors. Little is known, however, about the development of attention to faces in complexExpand
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A Method of Controlling Corn Rootworm Feeding Using a Bacillus thuringiensis Protein Expressed in Transgenic Maize
The corn rootworm (CRW; Diabrotica spp.) is one of the most serious pests of corn in the USA. Chemical insecticides and crop rotation have been the only two options available to growers for managingExpand
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Development of object concepts in infancy: Evidence for early learning in an eye-tracking paradigm
Concepts of objects as enduring and complete across space and time have been documented in infants within several months after birth, but little is known about how such concepts arise duringExpand
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Perception of object unity in young infants: The roles of motion, depth, and orientation
One hundred twenty-eight 4-month-old infants were habituated to one of several displays that depicted two rod pieces above and below a box. The effects of common motion, background texture, andExpand
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