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Male–female differences in fertility and blood pressure in ACE-deficient mice
The role of the Ace gene is investigated using mice generated to carry an insertional mutation that is designed to inactivate both forms of ACE and the fertility of homozygous male mutants was greatly reduced.
Retinal ganglion cell degeneration is topological but not cell type specific in DBA/2J mice
The data suggest axon damage at the optic nerve head as an early lesion, and damage to axon bundles would cause this pattern of degeneration, however, the architecture of the mouse eye seems to preclude a commonly postulated source of mechanical damage within the nerve head.
Molecular clustering identifies complement and endothelin induction as early events in a mouse model of glaucoma.
Early-stage expression changes included upregulation of both the complement cascade and the endothelin system, and so the therapeutic value of separately inhibiting them was tested and mice with a mutation in complement component 1a were protected from glaucoma.
Radiation treatment inhibits monocyte entry into the optic nerve head and prevents neuronal damage in a mouse model of glaucoma.
It is shown that the leukocyte transendothelial migration pathway is activated in the optic nerve head at the earliest stages of disease in an inherited mouse model of glaucoma, resulting in proinflammatory monocytes entering the optic nerves prior to detectable neuronal damage.
Mutations in Col4a1 Cause Perinatal Cerebral Hemorrhage and Porencephaly
It is proposed that Col4a1 mutations conspire with environmental trauma in causing porencephaly, and shows that vascular defects are caused by a semidominant mutation in the procollagen type IV α 1 gene in mice, which inhibits the secretion of mutant and normal type IV collagen.
Anterior segment dysgenesis and the developmental glaucomas are complex traits.
This review focuses on the developmental glaucomas, the subset of glAUcomas associated with anterior segment dysgenesis, and highlights the complex, multifactorial nature of these diseases and recent advances using mice.
Anterior segment development relevant to glaucoma.
Key morphological events in formation of anterior chamber structures, including the aqueous humor drainage structures that are involved in intraocular pressure (IOP) regulation and glaucoma are summarized.