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Fluoride release from a new glass-ionomer cement.
This study compared the amount and pattern of fluoride release from a new glass-ionomer-based material (nano-ionomer) with other restorative materials and correlated the surface area to volume ofExpand
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A Novel Potentiometric Sensor for the Determination of Nimesulide
A novel electrochemical sensor has been developed for the determination of nimesulide. The sensor is based on the NIM- molybdophosphoric acid (MPA) as the electroactive material in PVC matrix inExpand
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Adhesion of staphylococci to polyurethane and hydrogel-coated polyurethane catheters assayed by an improved radiolabelling technique.
Adhesion of Staphylococcus epidermidis NCTC 11047 to the external surface of polyurethane catheters was quantified by a radiolabelling assay. Maximum adhesion was achieved with an initial cellExpand
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The combined effects of plasma and hydrogel coating on adhesion of Staphylococcus epidermidis and Staphylococcus aureus to polyurethane catheters.
The adhesion of three Staphylococcus epidermidis and three S aureus clinical isolates, to uncoated and hydrogel-coated polyurethane catheters was tested, following pretreatment of catheters withExpand
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Novel potentiometric sensors for the selective determination of domperidone
The fabrication and electrochemical response characteristics of two novel potentiometric sensors for the selective determination of domperidone (DOM) are described. The two fabricated sensorsExpand
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Voltammetric studies of sparfloxacin and application to its determination in pharmaceuticals.
A detailed study of the electrochemistry of sparfloxacin at a glassy carbon electrode was carried out in the pH range 2.0-10.0 in aqueous solution using cyclic and differential pulse voltammetry.Expand
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A PVC plasticized sensor for Ni(II) ion based on a simple ethylenediamine derivative.
A new PVC membrane ion selective electrode which is highly selective towards Ni(II) ions was constructed using a Schiff base containing a binaphthyl moiety as the ionophore. The sensor exhibited aExpand
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A PVC plasticized membrane sensor for nickel ions
Abstract.A new PVC membrane sensor, which is highly selective towards Ni (II) ions, has been developed using a thiophene-derivative Schiff base as the ionophore. The best performance was exhibited byExpand
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Mebendazole selective membrane sensor and its application to pharmaceutical analysis.
A PVC membrane sensor for the selective determination of mebendazole (MBZ) was fabricated. The sensor is based on an ion association of MBZ with silicotungstic acid (STA) as ion pair andExpand
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Fabrication of Potentiometric Sensors for the Selective Determination of Ketoconazole
Abstract The fabrication and analytical applications of two types of potentiometric sensors for the determination of ketoconazole (KET) are described. The sensors are based on the use ofExpand
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