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How hertzian solitary waves interact with boundaries in a 1D granular medium.
We perform measurements, numerical simulations, and quantitative comparisons with available theory on solitary wave propagation in a linear chain of beads without static preconstraint. By designing aExpand
Thermal wave harmonics generation in the hydrodynamical heat transport in thermoacoustics
It is demonstrated that the temperature oscillations near the edge of the thermoacoustic stack are highly anharmonic even in the case of harmonic acoustic oscillations in the thermoacoustic engines.Expand
Discrete breathers in one-dimensional diatomic granular crystals.
We report the experimental observation of modulational instability and discrete breathers in a one-dimensional diatomic granular crystal composed of compressed elastic beads that interact viaExpand
Wave localization in strongly nonlinear Hertzian chains with mass defect.
We report observations of mechanical energy localization in a strongly nonlinear discrete lattice. The experimental setup we consider is a one-dimensional nonloaded horizontal chain of identicalExpand
Enhancement of the Q of a nonlinear acoustic resonator by active suppression of harmonics
Finite-amplitude stationary acoustic waves in a closed resonator subjected to simultaneous excitation at fundamental frequency and its second harmonic are analyzed in the frame of the second-orderExpand
Experimental evidence of solitary wave interaction in hertzian chains.
We study experimentally the interaction between two solitary waves that approach one another in a linear chain of spheres interacting via the Hertz potential. When these counterpropagating wavesExpand
Direct observation of impact propagation and absorption in dense colloidal monolayers
Significance Single-particle characterization of the impact response has unveiled design principles to focus and control stress propagation in macroscopic granular crystalline arrays. We demonstrateExpand
Relaxation-time approximation for analytical evaluation of temperature field in thermoacoustic stack
Abstract The problem of analytical description of temperature fields and heat fluxes in thermoacoustic devices (such as refrigerators and prime-movers) is discussed. It is demonstrated that for theExpand
Solitary wave trains in granular chains: experiments, theory and simulations
The features of solitary waves observed in horizontal monodisperse chain of barely touching beads not only depend on geometrical and material properties of the beads but also on the initialExpand
Intrinsic energy localization through discrete gap breathers in one-dimensional diatomic granular crystals.
We present a systematic study of the existence and stability of discrete breathers that are spatially localized in the bulk of a one-dimensional chain of compressed elastic beads that interact viaExpand