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New Generation Sensor Web Enablement
The recent developments of the new generation of the Sensor Web Enablement specification framework are illustrated and related to other emerging concepts such as the Web of Things and point out challenges and resulting future work topics for research on Sensor Web enablement. Expand
Discovery Mechanisms for the Sensor Web
An approach will be presented that was developed within the EU funded project “OSIRIS” that offers mechanisms to search for sensors, exploit basic semantic relationships, harvest sensor metadata and integrate sensor discovery into already existing catalogues. Expand
Applying OGC sensor web enablement to risk monitoring and disaster management
This paper presents the practical application of the OGC Sensor Web Enablement Architecture to a set of use cases in the area of risk monitoring and disaster management. After introducing the OGCExpand
A Lightweight Approach for the Sensor Observation Service to Share Environmental Data across Europe
A lightweight profile for the OGC Sensor Observation Service is provided that ensures the necessary interoperability for seamlessly integrating the environmental data provided by the EEA's member states and thus forms the foundation for the developed data exchange mechanisms. Expand
Architecture of a Service-Enabled Sensing Platform for the Environment
This work proposes an approach for improving the accessibility of observation data, based on interoperable standards and on-device web services, which aims to extend the current understanding of the environment and social behaviors by leveraging citizen-contributed data for a wide range of applications. Expand
Interaction patterns for bridging the gap between sensor networks and the Sensor Web
Five fundamental interaction patterns between the Sensor Web and sensor networks are identified by introducing an intermediary layer, prototypically implemented using Twitter, which bridge the gap between the two distinct layers and are essential for enabling future sensor plug & play within the sensor Web. Expand
Integrating human observations and sensor observations : the example of a noise mapping community.
The aspects presented in this paper are examined by the example of a noise mapping community and include approaches for creating and sharing human observations as well as sensor observations on the Web. Expand
Oceans of Tomorrow sensor interoperability for in-situ ocean monitoring
The Oceans of Tomorrow (OoT) projects, funded by the European Commission's FP7 program, are developing a new generation of sensors supporting physical, biogeochemical and biological oceanographicExpand
Crowdsourcing sensor tasks to a socio-geographic network
This work describes an approach of a socio-geographic network for crowdsourcing sensor tasks to a human sensor web. Users can register as human sensors at the system by defining their skills andExpand
A human sensor web for water availability monitoring
This work shows how human observations can be integrated with the Sensor Web technology and presents a system design which makes use of the Human Sensor Web idea to build a monitoring system for improving the water supply in Zanzibar. Expand