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Relations between design activities and personal creativity modes
The objectives of this study are to understand the relations among personal creativity modes, various patterns of design activities including design information and process and design quality via theExpand
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Cognitive Characteristics and Design Creativity: An Experimental Study
The objective of this research is to identify the relations between various cognitive characteristics and design creativity so that such relations could be exploited as a guide for design education.Expand
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Study on control strategy for three-phase four-leg inverter power supply
  • Hou Zhen Yi, S. Jin
  • Engineering
  • 30th Annual Conference of IEEE Industrial…
  • 2 November 2004
This paper proposes a novel control strategy of a three-phase four-leg inverter power supply. In the synchronous coordinate, the control scheme with the output voltage differentiation as insideExpand
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Design Activities and Personal Creativity Characteristics: A Case Study of Dual Protocol Analysis Using Design Information and Process
The objectives of this study are to explore design activities such as design process and design information through protocol analysis of design sessions of expert designers and student designers andExpand
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A case study has been conducted to explore design activities of four expert designers through protocol analysis. We examined relations among design information, process patterns and solutionExpand
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Notice of RetractionA design of full digital servo system based on PC/ 104
Based on the PC/104 embedded computer the real-time data acquisition system, Made of a high-accuracy two-channels antennas tracking servo system, the principle, constitution, design characteristicExpand
Design Creativity and Personal Characteristics
It has been found that design creativity is closely related with personal characteristics and design-related abilities. To verify this fact systematically, I inspected personal characteristics andExpand
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