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Development of lanthanum strontium manganite perovskite cathode materials of solid oxide fuel cells: a review
  • S. Jiang
  • Materials Science
  • 18 October 2008
The high-temperature solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) is the most efficient and environmentally friendly energy conversion technology to generate electricity from fuels such as hydrogen and natural gasExpand
Low-temperature SOFC with thin film GDC electrolyte prepared in situ by solid-state reaction
Abstract Dense electrolyte thin film made of Ce 0.8 Gd 0.2 O 1.90 (GDC20) with a thickness of about 10 μm and supported by Ni-Gd 0.1 Ce 0.9 O 1.95 (GDC) cermet anode was fabricated in situ byExpand
Sintering behavior of Ni/Y2O3-ZrO2cermet electrodes of solid oxide fuel cells
  • S. Jiang
  • Materials Science
  • 1 September 2003
The sintering behavior of Ni/Y2O3-ZrO2(YSZ) cermet electrode coating on 3 mol% Y2O3-ZrO2electrolyte was studied under moist and dry hydrogen atmosphere at 1000°C for up to 2000 h. The sinteringExpand
A review of wet impregnation—An alternative method for the fabrication of high performance and nano-structured electrodes of solid oxide fuel cells
  • S. Jiang
  • Materials Science
  • 25 February 2006
Abstract Development of solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) for operation at intermediate temperatures of 600–800 °C with hydrocarbon fuels requires a cathode and anode with high electrocatalytic activityExpand
Kinetics of ethanol electrooxidation at Pd electrodeposited on Ti
Abstract Pd nanoparticles dispersed well on Ti were successfully prepared by the electrodeposition method used in this study. The results show that Pd has no activity for ethanol oxidation in acidExpand
From waste Coca Cola® to activated carbons with impressive capabilities for CO2 adsorption and supercapacitors
Abstract We herein report the synthesis of heteroatoms doped, high surface area microporous activated carbons (AC) by utilisation of Coca Cola® as a potential source of waste biomass, forExpand
A comparative investigation of chromium deposition at air electrodes of solid oxide fuel cells
Deposition processes of chromium (Cr) species were investigated for the O2 reduction on (La,Sr)MnO3 (LSM), Pt and (La,Sr)(Co,Fe)O3 (LSCF) electrodes in the presence of chromia-forming alloy metallicExpand
Novel structured mixed ionic and electronic conducting cathodes of solid oxide fuel cells
Abstract A novel structured mixed ionic and electronic conducting cathode was developed based on the (LaSr)MnO3 (LSM) electronic conducting structure impregnated with Gd-doped CeO2 (GDC) ionicExpand
Electrocatalytic Activity and Interconnectivity of Pt Nanoparticles on Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes for Fuel Cells
Platinum nanoparticles (NPs) have been successfully assembled on noncovalently poly(diallyldimethylammonium chloride)-functionalized multiwalled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) via microwave-assistedExpand