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Microflora and tetrodotoxin-producing bacteria in a gastropod, Niotha clathrata.
Shellfish (Niotha clathrata) were collected in both July and November from three locations in Taiwan (Pingtung, Kaohsiung and Chiai Prefecture) and assayed for anatomical distribution of tetrodotoxinExpand
Toxicity and toxic components of two xanthid crabs, Atergatis floridus and Demania reynaudi, in Taiwan.
Paralytic toxicity was detected by tetrodotoxin bioassay in eight specimens of Atergatis floridus and seven specimens of Demania reynaudi, collected from Taiwan in 1994. The toxicity of crabExpand
Toxicity of the Puffer Takifugu rubripes Cultured in Northern Taiwan
The puffer Takifugu rubripes ("torafugu" in Japanese) is the most favorable species in Japan. Although the wild puffer contain considerable amounts of tetrodotoxin (TTX) in the liver and ovary,1) theExpand
Zinc and zinc binding substances in the tissues of common carp
Abstract Extraordinarily high concentrations of zinc (300–500 μg/(g fresh tissue)) are often found in the digestive tract tissue of common carp Cyprinus carpio , and high zinc concentrationsExpand
Occurrence of tetrodotoxin-related toxins in the gastropod mollusk Niotha clathrata from Taiwan
Paralytic toxicity was detected in the gastropod mollusk Niotha clathrata from Taiwan. The toxicity scores of specimens collected from Chiating, Kaohsiung Prefecture and Tungkang, Pingtung PrefectureExpand
Susceptibility of fish, crustacean and mollusk to tetrodotoxin and paralytic shellfish poison
Marine and freshwater fish (20 species), crustaceans (13 species) and mollusks (19 species) were collected around and in Taiwan, and examined for susceptibility to tetrodotoxin (TTX) and paralyticExpand
Toxicity of Taiwanese gobies
SUMMARY: Recently, three paralytic food poisoning incidents due to ingestion of the goby Yongeichthys nebulosus occurred in Taiwan. Therefore, intensive investigation of toxic goby was performed fromExpand
Association of zinc with connective tissue in the digestive tract of common carp
Zinc (Zn) concentration in the digestive tract of common carp is always > 10 times higher than most animal tissues. In a previous paper, it was reported that this high Zn came from a 43 kDaExpand