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Presence of metabolic cardiovascular syndrome in obese children
Abstract The aim of the present study was to investigate the aggregation of cardiovascular risk factors (hyperinsulinaemia, impaired glucose tolerance, dyslipidaemia, and hypertension) in 180 (77Expand
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The prognostic value of panoramic radiography of inferior alveolar nerve damage after mandibular third molar removal: retrospective study of 400 cases.
OBJECTIVE The aim of the study was to estimate the accuracy of panoramic radiographic signs predicting inferior alveolar nerve (IAN) paresthesia after lower third molar removal. STUDY DESIGN In aExpand
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Measured and predicted resting metabolic rate in obese and nonobese adolescents.
OBJECTIVES The validity of equations for the calculation of resting metabolic rate (RMR) were studied and new predictive equations were developed. STUDY DESIGN The RMR was measured in a sample ofExpand
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Adaptation and validation of the Hungarian version of the Yale Food Addiction Scale for Children
Background Childhood obesity proves to be an important public health issue, since it serves as a potential risk factor for multiple diseases. Food addiction could also serve as an importantExpand
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Safety and efficacy of treatment with an ephedrine/caffeine mixture. The first double-blind placebo-controlled pilot study in adolescents
OBJECTIVE: The present study was performed to investigate the efficacy and safety of a caffeine/ephedrine (CE) mixture in obese adolescents.SUBJECTS: Thirty-two (m/f=16/16) obese children wereExpand
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Non‐genetic risk determinants for type 1 (insulin‐dependent) diabetes mellitus in childhood
Using the prospective Hungarian childhood diabetes register, a nationwide case‐control study was carried out to investigate the possible role of various non‐genetic factors as risk determinants forExpand
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Effects of maternal central hemodynamics on fetal heart rate patterns
Background. This study was undertaken to evaluate the effects of maternal central hemodynamics on fetal heart rate patterns near term, with special regard to the maternal body position. Methods.Expand
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Relationship of serum resistin level to traits of metabolic syndrome and serum paraoxonase 1 activity in a population with a broad range of body mass index.
UNLABELLED The relationship between resistin, one of the adipokines, and metabolic syndrome is not fully elucidated. Altered activity of the HDL-associated antioxidant enzyme paraoxonase 1 (PON1)Expand
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Direct resin composite restorations for fractured maxillary teeth and diastema closure: A 7 years retrospective evaluation of survival and influencing factors.
OBJECTIVES This retrospective study evaluated the survival rate of anterior direct resin based composite (RBC) build-ups in vital teeth made of microhybrid and nanofill RBC materials and theExpand
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The number and distribution of bipolar to ganglion cell synapses in the inner plexiform layer of the anuran retina.
The main route of information flow through the vertebrate retina is from the photoreceptors towards the ganglion cells whose axons form the optic nerve. Bipolar cells of the frog have been so farExpand
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