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Environmental Audio Scene and Sound Event Recognition for Autonomous Surveillance
We review various features of representing audio scenes and sound events and provide appropriate machine learning algorithms for audio surveillance tasks. Expand
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Global statistical features-based approach for Acoustic Event Detection
In this paper, we propose global statistical features-based representation for multi-variate varying length acoustic data. Expand
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Modeling of Microbial Interactions using Software and Simulation of Stable Operating Conditions in a Chemostat
The use of computer software in the fields of engineering, technology and management has become inevitable these days. Expand
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Application of Software in Mathematical Bioscience for Modelling and Simulation of the Behaviour of Multiple Interactive Microbial Populations
An innovative and unified approach to describe the mixed microbial population kinetics incorporating these interaction phenomena in terms of mathematical equations and to solve them using computer. Expand
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An engineering model for seismicity of India
This article explores an engineering approach to model the seismic activity in India. Finite element analysis is carried out to estimate the stresses and displacements in the Indian plate. AssumingExpand
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A Novel Optimization Algorithm Based on Stinging Behavior of Bee
We introduce a novel optimization algorithm which is inspired by natural stinging behavior of honey bee to find the optimal solution. Expand
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Reliability constrained intelligent placement of Distributed Generation in radial distribution feeder
The distribution system is part of the electric power system that links the bulk transmission system and the individual customers. This Distributed Generation (DG) is a promising solution to manyExpand
Screening and Identify the Bone Cancer/Tumor using Image Processing
We have proposed the wavelet based image fragmentation and rough guess for bone images to recognize malignancy, which would subsequently help therapists for proper treatment. Expand