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Chemical ecology of bumble bees.
Bumble bees are of major importance, ecologically and economically as pollinators in cool and temperate biomes and as model organisms for scientific research. Chemical signals and cues have beenExpand
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Recruitment behavior in stingless bees, Melipona scutellaris and M. quadrifasciata. II. Possible mechanisms of communication.
To find out what foragers of the stingless bees Melipona scutellarisand M. quadrifasci- ata actually do while recruiting nestmates to a food source we videotaped their behavior in the nest andExpand
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A stingless bee uses labial gland secretions for scent trail communication (Trigona recursa Smith 1863)
The pheromones used by several species of stingless bees for scent trail communication are generally assumed to be produced by the mandibular glands. Here we present strong evidence that in TrigonaExpand
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Recruitment behavior in stingless bees, Melipona scutellaris and M. quadrifasciata. I. Foraging at food sources differing in direction and distance
The two stingless bee speciesMelipona scutellarisand M. quadrifasciata recruit nestmates to a rich foraging site. We tested this with feeders up to 140 m away from the hive. Foragers of M.Expand
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Signals and cues in the recruitment behavior of stingless bees (Meliponini)
Since the seminal work of Lindauer and Kerr (1958), many stingless bees have been known to effectively recruit nestmates to food sources. Recent research clarified properties of several signals andExpand
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On the origin and properties of scent marks deposited at the food source by a stingless bee, Melipona seminigra
Some species of stingless bees of the genus Melipona were reported to scent mark food sources but little is known about the chemical signals involved. We studied the origin and some properties ofExpand
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Thorax vibrations of a stingless bee (Melipona seminigra). II. Dependence on sugar concentration
Using a laser vibrometer we studied the influence of the food’s sugar concentration on different parameters of the thorax vibrations produced by foragers of Melipona seminigra during trophallaxis inExpand
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Virgin queen execution in the stingless bee Melipona beecheii: The sign stimulus for worker attacks
Stingless bees produce considerable numbers of virgin queens over the year, most of which are superfluous and get executed by the workers. Nothing is known yet about the sign stimulus that releasesExpand
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