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Age Effects in Cultural Life Scripts.
Life scripts are culturally shared expectations about the timing of life events in an idealized life course. Because they are cultural semantic knowledge, they should be known by all adult age groupsExpand
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The temporal distribution of autobiographical memory: changes in reliving and vividness over the life span do not explain the reminiscence bump
When autobiographical memories are elicited with word cues, personal events from middle childhood to early adulthood are overrepresented compared to events from other periods. It is, however, unclearExpand
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Memory for time: How people date events
The effect of different formats on the accuracy of dating news and the distribution of personal events was examined in four conditions. In the first, participants had to date events in the absoluteExpand
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Reminiscence Bump in Autobiographical Memory: Unexplained by Novelty, Emotionality, Valence, or Importance of Personal Events
People tend to recall a disproportionately large number of personal events from their adolescence and early adulthood. This “reminiscence bump” has been examined extensively, but its causes remainExpand
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Temporal distribution of favourite books, movies, and records: Differential encoding and re-sampling
The reminiscence bump is the effect that people recall more personal events from early adulthood than from childhood or adulthood. The bump has been examined extensively. However, the question ofExpand
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Retention of autobiographical memories: An Internet-based diary study
In this online study we examined the retention of recent personal events using an Internet-based diary technique. Each participant (N=878) recorded on a website one recent personal event and wasExpand
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Is There a Cultural Life Script for Public Events
Summary: Thereminiscence bumpisthehigherprevalenceofautobiographicalmemoriesfromadolescenceandearlyadulthood. The reminiscence bump has also been found in the memory for public events, which could,Expand
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The rise and fall of immediate and delayed memory for verbal and visuospatial information from late childhood to late adulthood.
Over 100,000 verbal and visuospatial immediate and delayed memory tests were presented via the Internet to over 28,000 participants in the age range of 11 to 80. Structural equation modeling pointedExpand
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Aging and the speed of time.
Correlational and experimental methods provide evidence relevant to seven theories of humans' general impressions of the speed of time, including theories of the purported subjective acceleration ofExpand
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The Psychological Science Accelerator: Advancing Psychology Through a Distributed Collaborative Network
Concerns about the veracity of psychological research have been growing. Many findings in psychological science are based on studies with insufficient statistical power and nonrepresentative samples,Expand
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