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Age Effects in Cultural Life Scripts.
It was found that the cultural life script was similar for young, middle-aged and older adults and for adults with different educational attainment.
Memory for time: How people date events
A small backward telescoping effect for recent news events and a large forward telescoped effect for remote events are found and participants preferred to date news events with the relative time format and personal Events with the absolute time format, as well as preferring to date remote events in the Relative time format.
The temporal distribution of autobiographical memory: changes in reliving and vividness over the life span do not explain the reminiscence bump
The memories from the period in which the participants were between 6 and 20 years old were not relived more or recalled more vividly than memories from other lifetime periods, suggesting that they do not involve more recollection.
Temporal distribution of favourite books, movies, and records: Differential encoding and re-sampling
It is suggested that differential encoding initially causes the reminiscence bump and that re-sampling increases the bump further, and the distribution of favourite books, movies, and records had the largest reminISCence bump.
The Psychological Science Accelerator: Advancing Psychology Through a Distributed Collaborative Network
The Psychological Science Accelerator is a distributed network of laboratories designed to enable and support crowdsourced research projects that will advance understanding of mental processes and behaviors by enabling rigorous research and systematic examination of its generalizability.
Reminiscence Bump in Autobiographical Memory: Unexplained by Novelty, Emotionality, Valence, or Importance of Personal Events
  • S. Janssen, J. Murre
  • Psychology
    Quarterly journal of experimental psychology
  • 19 November 2008
Surprisingly, the reminiscence bump consisted of relatively fewer novel, emotional, important positive or negative events, increasing the likelihood of an alternative explanation—namely, that memory is generally enhanced in adolescence and early adulthood.
Is There a Cultural Life Script for Public Events
Summary: Thereminiscence bumpisthehigherprevalenceofautobiographicalmemoriesfromadolescenceandearlyadulthood. The reminiscence bump has also been found in the memory for public events, which could,
Aging and the speed of time.
Why does life appear to speed up as people get older?
In this study, the influence of contemporaneous and retrospective recall of time pressure on the experience of time was examined. Participants (N = 868) first indicated how fast the previous week,