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Patients' preferences for adjuvant chemotherapy in early-stage breast cancer: is treatment worthwhile?
When making decisions about adjuvant chemotherapy for early-stage breast cancer, costs and benefits of treatment should be carefully weighed. In this process, patients’ preferences are of majorExpand
The impact of the have–want discrepancy on residential satisfaction
Residential satisfaction is an important component of individual well-being. The literature has shown that residential satisfaction is influenced by personal characteristics and aspects of theExpand
Review of determinants of patients' preferences for adjuvant therapy in cancer.
PURPOSE Many studies have determined cancer patients' preferences for adjuvant therapy, for example, by asking patients the extent of benefit they would need in order to accept the therapy. However,Expand
The impact of including images in a conjoint measurement task: evidence from two small-scale studies
In the Netherlands, a large ongoing study seeks to provide insight into the process behind preferences and choices with regard to moving and housing. Expand
Different Values, Different Housing? Can Underlying Value Orientations Predict Residential Preference and Choice?
Abstract Various demographic, socio-economic and socio-cultural shifts have taken place in recent decades. These trends result in a change in the volume and quality of the housing demand as well asExpand
Stability of Patients’ Preferences for Chemotherapy
Background. Studies have shown that utilities for a particular treatment, elicited by means of a hypothetical treatment scenario, may remain stable within the same patients when examined before,Expand
The impact of the perception of treatment choice on satisfaction with treatment, experienced chemotherapy burden and current quality of life
Previous research has shown that involving patients in the decision-making process may improve their quality of life (QoL). Our purposes were to assess: (1) whether early-stage breast cancer patientsExpand
A Study of the Chained Procedure for the Standard Gamble and Time Tradeoff
been developed to solve this problem. This study assesses the feasibility of a chained TTO and a chained SG, and the consistency and concordance between the two methods. Patients and methods. SeventyExpand
What is the worth of values in guiding residential preferences and choices?
The demographic, socio-economic and socio-cultural shifts that have taken place in Western economies in recent decades have generated a broader variety in housing behavior. For this reason, someExpand