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Influences of Territory Composition and Interspecific Competition on Red‐Tailed Hawk Reproductive Success
In north-central Oregon, Red-tailed Hawks (Buteojamaicensis) exhibited a high degree of stability in territory occupancy and territorial boundaries over a 10-yr period. Long-term repro- ductiveExpand
Variation in the species composition and mean body size of an avian foliage-gleaning guild along an elevational gradient: correlation with arthropod body size
  • S. Janes
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Oecologia
  • 1 August 1994
The composition of an avian foliage-gleaning guild was analyzed with respect to body size at nine sites along an elevational gradient in the Oregon Cascades. Mean body size decreased from 20.5 g nearExpand
Abstract Hermit Warblers (Dendroica occidentalis) sing distinct dialects of type I songs, the most common song before pairing. Eight dialects were identified and described in a 22 900 km2 area inExpand
Nashville Warblers (Oreothlypis ruficapilla) use a single song type in southwestern Oregon with widely distributed song variants
ABSTRACT We investigated local and regional singing patterns of Nashville Warblers (Oreothlypis ruficapilla) in southern Oregon. Each male employed a single song, but within local populationsExpand
Predation by three owl species on northern pocket gophers of different body mass
SummaryWe examined the estimated sizes of Thomomys talpoides in the diets of Bubo virginianus (1,505 g), Tyto alba (437 g), and Asio otus (245 g) in north-central Oregon between 1973 and 1982. TheExpand
Rapid Change in a Type I Song Dialect of Hermit Warblers (Setophaga occidentalis)
ABSTRACT. Although first-category (Type I) songs of some wood-warblers (Parulidae) are structurally stable over time and range, we document a rapid change in the song of a population of HermitExpand
Geographic Variation in Type I Songs of Black-throated Gray Warblers
Abstract We studied songs of Black-throated Gray Warblers (Dendroica nigrescens) in a fragmented landscape in southwestern Oregon and northern California where each male sings a single Type I songExpand
Geographic variation in type I dialects of Hermit Warblers: does fragmented habitat promote variation in song?
We evaluated the role of habitat fragmentation in promoting song variation and the potential for the generation of dialects within four type I dialect areas of Hermit Warblers (SetophagaExpand