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Antiproliferative Effects of Honey and of Its Polyphenols: A Review
Honey has been used since long time both in medical and domestic needs, but only recently the antioxidant property of it came to limelight. The fact that antioxidants have several preventativeExpand
Events associated with apoptotic effect of p-Coumaric acid in HCT-15 colon cancer cells.
AIM To investigate the events associated with the apoptotic effect of p-Coumaric acid, one of the phenolic components of honey, in human colorectal carcinoma (HCT-15) cells. METHODSExpand
Involvement of non-protein thiols, mitochondrial dysfunction, reactive oxygen species and p53 in honey-induced apoptosis
SummaryHoney is a complex mixture of different biologically active constituents. Honey possesses anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antitumor properties. Our chief investigation was to assess theExpand
Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Polycarbonate Based Polyurethane/Polymer Wrapped Hydroxyapatite Nanocomposites: Mechanical Properties, Osteoconductivity and Biocompatibility.
The present investigation reports the preparation of two types of 2D rod-like nano-hydroxyapatite (nHA) (unmodified and Polypropylene glycol (PPG) wrapped) of varying high-aspect ratios, by modifiedExpand
Biomaterials in Cardiovascular Research: Applications and Clinical Implications
This review article classifies the CB into three major classes, namely, metals, polymers, and biological materials and collates the information about the CB. Expand
Antiproliferative and Molecular Mechanism of Eugenol-Induced Apoptosis in Cancer Cells
Phenolic phytochemicals are a broad class of nutraceuticals found in plants which have been extensively researched by scientists for their health-promoting potential. One such a compound which hasExpand
Apoptotic effect of eugenol in human colon cancer cell lines
Eugenol, a natural compound available in honey and various plants extracts including cloves and Magnoliae flos, is exploited for various medicinal applications. Since most of the drugs used in theExpand
Preclinical and Clinical Effects of Mistletoe against Breast Cancer
Breast cancer is among the most frequent types of cancer in women worldwide. Current conventional treatment options are accompanied by side effects. Mistletoe is amongst the important herbalExpand
Rare earth element (REE) lanthanum doped zinc oxide (La: ZnO) nanomaterials: synthesis structural optical and antibacterial studies
Lanthanum (La) doped zinc oxide (ZnO) nanomaterials (LaxZn1-xO, x = 0.0, 0.03, 0.05, 0.07 M) were synthesized via co-precipitation method using zinc acetate, lanthanum nitrate as precursors,Expand