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MCML--Monte Carlo modeling of light transport in multi-layered tissues.
Optical properties of biological tissues: a review.
  • S. Jacques
  • Physics
    Physics in medicine and biology
  • 7 June 2013
A review of reported tissue optical properties summarizes the wavelength-dependent behavior of scattering and absorption in cells and tissues.
Skin optics
The absorption and scattering data show that for all wavelengths considered, scattering is much more important than absorption, and any quantitative dosimetry for skin treated with (laser) light is inaccurate.
Optical properties of intralipid: A phantom medium for light propagation studies
The design of an optically tissue‐equivalent phantom consisting of Intralipid and black India ink is discussed, and previously published values of the optical interaction coefficients of Intalipid are compiled.
Optical reflectance and transmittance of tissues: principles and applications
A discussion is presented of diagnostic and dosimetric optical measurements in medicine and biology. Topics covered include: tissue optical properties, tissue boundary conditions, and invasive versus
Three dimensional optical angiography.
The technique effectively separates the moving and static scattering elements within tissue to achieve high resolution images of blood flow, mapped into the 3-D optically sectioned tissue beds, at speeds that allow for perfusion assessment in vivo.
Monte Carlo Modeling of Light Transport in Tissues
Monte Carlo simulations of photon propagation offer a flexible yet rigorous approach toward photon transport in turbid tissues. This method simulates the “random walk” of photons in a medium that