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Space weathering on airless bodies: Resolving a mystery with lunar samples
— Using new techniques to examine the products of space weathering of lunar soils, we demonstrate that nanophase reduced iron (npFe0) is produced on the surface of grains by a combination of vaporExpand
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Manganese-chromium formation intervals for chondrules from the Bishunpur and Chainpur meteorites
— Whole-chondrule Mn-Cr isochrons are presented for chondrules separated from the Chainpur (LL3.4) and Bishunpur (LL3.1) meteorites. The chondrules were initially surveyed by instrumental neutronExpand
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Aqueous alteration of the Nakhla meteorite
Interior samples of three different Nakhla specimens contain an iron-rich silicate 'rust' (which includes a tentatively identified smectite), Ca-carbonate (probably calcite), Ca-sulfate (possiblyExpand
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Magnetofossils from Ancient Mars: a Robust Biosignature in the Martian Meteorite ALH84001
Evidence of biogenic activity on Mars has profound scientific implications for our understanding of the origin of life on Earth and the presence and diversity of life within the Cosmos. Analysis ofExpand
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Truncated hexa-octahedral magnetite crystals in ALH84001: Presumptive biosignatures
McKay et al. [(1996) Science 273, 924–930] suggested that carbonate globules in the meteorite ALH84001 contained the fossil remains of Martian microbes. We have characterized a subpopulation ofExpand
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Calcium carbonate and sulfate of possible extraterrestrial origin in the EETA 79001 meteorite
Two varieties of Ca-carbonate were found in a total of three interior (>2-cm depth) samples of glass inclusions from the shergottite meteorite, Elephant Moraine, Antarctica, A79001. Two of theExpand
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Chemical weathering and diagenesis of a cold desert soil from Wright Valley, Antarctica: An analog of Martian weathering processes
Weathering, diagenesis, and chemical alteration of a soil profile from the Dry Valleys of Antarctica have been studied as an analog to soil development within the Martian regolith. Soil samples fromExpand
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Life on Mars: evaluation of the evidence within Martian meteorites ALH84001, Nakhla, and Shergotty
Abstract Analyses both support and are in opposition to the hypothesis that the Martian meteorite ALH84001 contains evidence for possible biogenic activity on Mars. New observations in two additionalExpand
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The effects of space weathering on Apollo 17 mare soils: Petrographie and chemical characterization
— The lunar soil characterization consortium, a group of lunar-sample and remote-sensing scientists, has undertaken the extensive task of characterization of the finest fractions of lunar soils, withExpand
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Origins of magnetite nanocrystals in Martian meteorite ALH84001
Abstract The Martian meteorite ALH84001 preserves evidence of interaction with aqueous fluids while on Mars in the form of microscopic carbonate disks. These carbonate disks are believed to haveExpand
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