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Polarization of the Golgi apparatus and the microtubule-organizing center in cultured fibroblasts at the edge of an experimental wound.
We have used the technique of experimental wounding of confluent monolayers of normal fibroblasts to induce essentially unidirectional and synchronous cell movement at the edge of the wound. TheExpand
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Cell biology of cytotoxic and helper T cell functions: immunofluorescence microscopic studies of single cells and cell couples.
This review deals with certain important features of the cell biology of natural killer (NK) cells, cytotoxic T lymphocytes (CTL), and helper T (Th) cells. These features appeared originally inExpand
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The specific direct interaction of helper T cells and antigen- presenting B cells. II. Reorientation of the microtubule organizing center and reorganization of the membrane-associated cytoskeleton
We have produced and investigated cell couples formed between cloned Th cells or T hybridoma cells, and either Ag-presenting B hybridoma or B lymphoma cells. The specific direct interaction between aExpand
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Immunoelectron microscope studies of membrane-microfilament interactions: distributions of alpha-actinin, tropomyosin, and vinculin in intestinal epithelial brush border and chicken gizzard smooth
The ultrastructural localization of three cytoskeletal proteins, alpha- actinin, tropomyosin, and vinculin, in the brush border of epithelial cells of chicken small intestine and the smooth muscleExpand
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Membrane fluidity and cellular functions.
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  • 1975
An area of intense current interest in molecular and cell biology is the structure of biological membranes. A great change in our picture of membranes has occurred in the last few years, and there isExpand
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Improved procedures for immunoferritin labeling of ultrathin frozen sections
In employing fixed frozen ultrathin sections as substrates for immunoferritin labeling of intracellular antigens, we have found that conventional glutaraldehyde fixation sometimes permits very littleExpand
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Immunoelectron microscopic studies of the sites of cell-substratum and cell-cell contacts in cultured fibroblasts
Our object was to obtain information about the molecular structures present at cell-substratum and cell-cell contact sites formed by cultured fibroblasts. We have carried out double immunoelectron-Expand
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Altered distributions of the cytoskeletal proteins vinculin and alpha-actinin in cultured fibroblasts transformed by Rous sarcoma virus.
It was recently shown by combined immunofluorescence and interference reflection microscopy that a protein named vinculin, along with alpha-actinin, is concentrated at focal adhesion plaques insideExpand
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Associations of elements of the Golgi apparatus with microtubules
The intracellular spatial relationships between elements of the Golgi apparatus (GA) and microtubules in interphase cells have been explored by double immunofluorescence microscopy. By using culturedExpand
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Vinculin: A cytoskeletal target of the transforming protein of rous sarcoma virus
Vinculin, a protein associated with the cytoplasmic face of the focal adhesion plaques which anchor actin-containing microfilaments to the plasma membrane and attach a cell to the substratum,Expand
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