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On the relationship between methylnicotinate-induced skin flush and fatty acids levels in acute psychosis
Vasodilation induced by methylnicotinate, a fatty acid- and cyclooxygenase-dependent process, is reduced or absent in patients with schizophrenia. This phenomenon has been suggested to be useful as aExpand
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Characterization of beta-adrenoceptor mediated smooth muscle relaxation and the detection of mRNA for beta1-, beta2- and beta3-adrenoceptors in rat ileum.
1. Functional and molecular approaches were used to characterize the beta-AR subtypes mediating relaxation of rat ileal smooth muscle. 2. In functional studies, (-)-isoprenaline relaxation wasExpand
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Beta-adrenoceptor subtypes and their desensitization mechanisms.
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Characterization and localization of atypical beta-adrenoceptors in rat ileum.
1. Homogenate binding studies and receptor autoradiography have been used to examine the binding characteristics and localization of propranolol-resistant (-)-[125I]-cyanopindolol (CYP) binding sitesExpand
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Localization and characterization of two propranolol resistant (-) [125I]cyanopindolol binding sites in rat skeletal muscle.
Autoradiographic studies were performed in sections of rat gastrocnemius, plantaris and soleus muscle bundles with (-)-[125I]cyanopindolol (59-69 pM) in the presence of (-)-propranolol (1 microM) toExpand
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Characterization of propranolol‐resistant (−)‐[125I]‐cyanopindolol binding sites in rat soleus muscle
1 The characteristics of a propranolol‐resistant (−)‐[125I]‐cyanopindolol (CYP) binding site in rat soleus muscle were determined. 2 Saturation studies performed on homogenates of rat soleus muscleExpand
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Beta 3-adrenoceptors: their role and regulation in the gastrointestinal tract.
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Functional and molecular evidence for beta 1-, beta 2- and beta 3- adrenoceptors in human colon.
1. Relaxation of carbachol pre-contracted human colonic muscle to (-)-isoprenaline was examined in circular, longitudinal and taenia coli preparations to determine the beta-adrenoceptor subtypesExpand
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Cyclic AMP accumulation in rat soleus muscle: stimulation by beta2- but not beta3-adrenoceptors.
The beta-adrenoceptor subtypes involved in cyclic AMP accumulation in rat soleus muscle were studied using beta1- beta2- and beta3-adrenoceptor agonists and antagonists. Responses to (-)-isoprenalineExpand
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Evaluation of a Pest Control Technique: Fall-spray Control of Alfalfa Weevil (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) in Alfalfa Fields
A procedure for control of adult alfalfa weevil, Hypera postica (Gyllenhal), during the fall was analyzed and compared with the common practice of treating in the spring when indications of cropExpand
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