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Dopamine high-affinity transport site topography in rat brain: Major differences between dorsal and ventral striatum
Investigations were conducted to determine the topography of the high-affinity dopamine uptake process within the rat striatum. [3H]Dopamine uptake into crude synaptosomes prepared from micropunchExpand
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Methamphetamine‐Induced Dopamine Overflow and Injury to Striatal Dopamine Terminals: Attenuation by Dopamine D1 or D2 Antagonists
Abstract: Pharmacological blockade of either D1 or D2 dopamine (DA) receptors prevents damage of striatal DA terminals by repeated doses of methamphetamine (m‐AMPH). Because the substantial DAExpand
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Multiple methamphetamine injections induce marked increases in extracellular striatal dopamine which correlate with subsequent neurotoxicity
Acutely, methamphetamine (m-AMPH) is known to stimulate a net efflux of dopamine (DA) in the striatum while inhibiting DA uptake, thus producing high extracellular concentrations of DA. RepeatedExpand
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Striatal subregions are differentially vulnerable to the neurotoxic effects of methamphetamine
Methamphetamine (m-AMPH) or saline was repeatedly administered to rats. One week later, the caudate-putamen of the m-AMPH-treated rats revealed a decrease in both [3H]mazindol-labeled dopamine uptakeExpand
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MK-801 attenuates the dopamine-releasing but not the behavioral effects of methamphetamine: an in vivo microdialysis study
Neuroanatomical and pharmacological evidence suggests that important modulatory relationships exist between mesostriatal dopaminergic terminals and corticostriatal inputs. The present study used inExpand
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Anhydrobiosis in nematodes: Inhibition of the browning reaction of reducing sugars with dry proteins
Decay of primary amines associated with proteins of anhydrobiotic and lyophilized, fresh nematodes (Aphelenchus avenae) occurs more readily in the lyophilized, fresh worms than in the anhydrobioticExpand
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Anhydrobiosis in nematodes: Permeability during rehydration
1. Inorganic ions and primary amines are leaked from anhydrobiotic and quick-dried nematodes, Aphelenchus avenae, when they are plunged from dry air into water. 2. Anhydrobiotic nematodes leakExpand
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Excitotoxic striatal lesions protect against subsequent methamphetamine-induced dopamine depletions.
Repeated administration of methamphetamine (m-AMPH) produces a prolonged elevation of extracellular dopamine (DA) levels in rat striatum and subsequent damage to striatal DA terminals. In the presentExpand
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Transport of [3H]mazindol binding sites in mesostriatal dopamine axons
6-Hydroxydopamine injections along mesostriatal dopaminergic axons can be used to interrupt axonal transport from cell bodies in the substantia nigra pars compacta to terminal fields in the striatum.Expand
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Anhydrobiosis in nematodes: Control of the synthesis of trehalose during induction
Control of the synthesis of trehalose during the induction of anhydrobiosis was examined. Kinetic parameters for TPS did not change during the induction, indicating that there was no de novoExpand
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