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Interpersonal facilitation and job dedication as separate facets of contextual performance.
This study attempts to refine the construct of contextual performance by dividing it into 2 narrower constructs, interpersonal facilitation and job dedication. Supervisors rated 975 U.S. Air ForceExpand
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Task Performance and Contextual Performance: The Meaning for Personnel Selection Research
This article distinguishes between task and contextual activities, and a taxonomy of contextual performance containing elements of organizational citizenship behavior and prosocial organizationalExpand
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A Theory of Individual Differences in Task and Contextual Performance
This article describes a theory of job performance that assumes that job performance is behavioral, episodic, evaluative, and multidimensional. It defines job performance as the aggregated value toExpand
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Prosocial Organizational Behaviors
The construct of prosocial organizational behavior is defined and 13 specific forms are described. They vary according to whether they are functional or dysfunctional for organizationalExpand
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Personality predictors of citizenship performance
This article briefly introduces the criterion construct, citizenship performance, describes how this construct is different from task performance and presents a recently derived 3-dimension model ofExpand
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An alternative selection procedure: The low-fidelity simulation.
Creation d'un test de simulation de faible fidelite pour selectionner a l'entree les dirigeants de l'industrie des telecommunications. La simulation montre des postulants en diverses situations deExpand
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Some Basic Issues Related to Contextual Performance and Organizational Citizenship Behavior in Human Resource Management
Abstract This article examines some basic issues that might pose conceptual challenges in applying ideas related to contextual performance and organizational citizenship behavior to human resourceExpand
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Effects of task performance and contextual performance on systemic rewards.
Evidence from 2 samples of Air Force mechanics supported the hypothesis that contextual performance affects employees' career advancement and rewards over time. Results of hierarchical regressionsExpand
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Evidence that task performance should be distinguished from contextual performance.
This study tests the merit of the distinction made by W. C. Borman and S. J. Motowidlo (1993) between task performance and contextual performance. Supervisors rated 421 U.S. Air Force mechanics onExpand
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Implicit policies about relations between personality traits and behavioral effectiveness in situational judgment items.
This paper develops the concept of implicit trait policy (ITP), which is a variant of the accentuation effect described by Tajfel (1957). ITPs are implicit beliefs about causal relations betweenExpand
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