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Observations and a Model of the Mean Circulation over the Middle Atlantic Bight Continental Shelf
Analyses of current time series longer than 200 days from 33 sites over the Middle Atlantic Bight continental shelf reveal a consistent mean circulation pattern. The mean depth-averaged flow isExpand
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The Inner Shelf Response to Wind-Driven Upwelling and Downwelling*
Abstract A two-dimensional numerical model is used to study the response to upwelling- and downwelling-favorable winds on a shelf with a strong pycnocline. During upwelling or downwelling, theExpand
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The Surface Boundary Layer in Coastal Upwelling Regions
Abstract Observations from the Oregon, northwest Africa, Peru, and northern California shelves are used to examine the characteristics of the surface boundary layer in coastal regions during theExpand
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Observations of Cross-Shelf Flow Driven by Cross-Shelf Winds on the Inner Continental Shelf
Abstract Six-yr-long time series of winds, waves, and water velocity from a cabled coastal observatory in 12 m of water reveal the separate dependence of the cross-shelf velocity profile onExpand
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The Influence of Stratification on the Wind-Driven Cross-Shelf Circulation over the North Carolina Shelf*
Abstract Wind-driven, cross-shelf circulation is studied using current observations spanning the 90 km wide North Carolina shelf. Most of the shelf is less than 40 m deep. Current measurements wereExpand
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Buoyant gravity currents along a sloping bottom in a rotating fluid
Author Posting. © Cambridge University Press, 2002. This article is posted here by permission of Cambridge University Press for personal use, not for redistribution. The definitive version wasExpand
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Trapping of a Coastal Density Front by the Bottom Boundary Layer
Abstract The dynamics of a surface-to-bottom density front on a uniformly sloping continental shelf and the role of density advection in the bottom boundary layer are examined using aExpand
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The wind- and wave-driven inner-shelf circulation.
The inner continental shelf, which spans water depths ofa few meters to tens of meters, is a dynamically defined region that lies between the surf zone (where waves break) and the middle continentalExpand
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Seasonal variations in the horizontal structure of the Amazon Plume inferred from historical hydrographic data
Near-surface salinity observations from the National Oceanographic Data Center hydrographic data archive for the region 4°S–10°N, 60–40°W show that the Amazon River discharge forms a plume ofExpand
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Long-Term Sea Surface Temperature Variability along the U.S. East Coast
Sea surface temperature variations along the entire U.S. East Coast from 1875 to 2007 are characterized using a collection of historical observations from lighthouses and lightships combined withExpand
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