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Extreme ultraviolet imaging of three-dimensional magnetic reconnection in a solar eruption
Magnetic reconnection, a change of magnetic field connectivity, is a fundamental physical process in which magnetic energy is released explosively, and it is responsible for various eruptiveExpand
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Is magnetic topology important for heating the solar atmosphere?
Magnetic fields permeate the entire solar atmosphere weaving an extremely complex pattern on both local and global scales. In order to understand the nature of this tangled web of magnetic fields,Expand
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On the topology of global coronal magnetic fields
This thesis considers the magnetic topology of the global solar corona. To understand the magnetic topology we use the magnetic skeleton which provides us with a robust description of the magneticExpand
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A Comparison of Global Magnetic Field Skeletons and Active-Region Upflows
Plasma upflows have been detected in active regions using Doppler velocity maps. The origin and nature of these upflows is not well known with many of their characteristics determined from theExpand
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Null Point Distribution in Global Coronal Potential Field Extrapolations
Magnetic null points are points in space where the magnetic field is zero. Thus, they can be important sites for magnetic reconnection by virtue of the fact that they are weak points in the magneticExpand
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A Study of the Coronal Non-thermal Velocity in Polar Regions During the Rise from Solar Minimum to Solar Maximum in Cycle 24
We explore the changes in coronal non-thermal velocity (Vnt) measurements at the poles from solar minimum to solar maximum using Hinode EUV Imaging Spectrometer data. We find that although theExpand
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Influence of Non-Potential Coronal Magnetic Topology on Solar-Wind Models
By comparing a magneto-frictional model of the low-coronal magnetic-field to a potential-field source-surface model, we investigate the possible impact of non-potential magnetic structure onExpand
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