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The effects of temperature change and domestication on the body size of Late Pleistocene to Holocene mammals of Israel
Size variation among several species of large mammals is examined both throughout a wide geographical range today and within the Late Pleistocene-Holocene archaeo-faunal sequence of Israel. AExpand
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Measurements of a Group of Adult Female Shetland Sheep Skeletons from a Single Flock: a Baseline for Zooarchaeologists
Abstract Measurements are presented of the limb bones of 26 adult unimproved Shetland ewes from a single flock. They comprise three cohorts aged 55, 67 and 79 months. All have fully fused limb-boneExpand
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Genetic signatures of a Mediterranean influence in Iberian Peninsula sheep husbandry.
Highly adaptable and versatile populations of domestic sheep, the result of millennia of intense husbandry, are found in almost every corner of the world. Here we describe a genetic survey of sheepExpand
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Tracing the history of goat pastoralism: new clues from mitochondrial and Y chromosome DNA in North Africa.
Valuable insights into the history of human populations have been obtained by studying the genetic composition of their domesticated species. Here we address some of the long-standing questions aboutExpand
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The Age profiles of Gazelles predated by ancient man in Israel : Possible evidence for a shift from seasonality to sedentism in the Natufian
Cet article presente des donnees sur la courbe des âges a partir de dents de gazelle provenant de gisements prehistoriques d'Israel du Mousterien (50-40.000 BP) au Natoufien (12-10.000 BP). AExpand
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The Effect of Castration and Age on the Development of the Shetland Sheep Skeleton and a Metric Comparison Between Bones of Males, Females and Castrates
Given its abundance on archaeological sites, the sheep has clearly played a major role in the economy of our ancestors. An understanding of its osteology is therefore important to theExpand
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Abou Gosh et Beisamoun : deux gisements du VIIe millénaire avant l'ère chrétienne en Israël
Resultats des fouilles menees de 1967 a 1972 sur ces deux sites appartenant au meme horizon culturel, le PPNB (Neolithique preceramique B) de Jericho. I. Abou Gosh: le gisement, l'architecture, lesExpand
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The mammals and birds from the Gruta do Caldeirão, Portugal
EnglishCaldeirao cave is 140 km north east of Lisbon near the town of Tomar. Joao Zilhao, of the University of Lisbon, excavated Caldeirao between 1979 and 1988. It contains a sequence of levels withExpand
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The archaeology of animals
From Stone Age mammothhunters to Roman black rats, this book explains how fossils found on archaeological sites help to unravel some of the mysteries which surround our ancestors.
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