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Peristalsis abolishes the release of methionine-enkephalin from guinea-pig ileum in vitro.
Increased intraluminal pressure induced peristalsis and abolished the release of methionine-enkephalin, providing further evidence that endogenous opioids may be involved in the modulation of contractile activity in the guinea-pig ileum. Expand
The release of Met-enkephalin from the guinea-pig ileum at rest and during peristaltic activity.
Segments of guinea-pig ileum maintained at an intraluminal pressure of 0cm H2O released methionine-enkephalin-like material (ME) into the bathing fluid and results suggest that ME release is associated with nonpropulsive activity in the gu Guinea-p pig ileu. Expand
Evaluation of opioid‐induced antinociceptive effects in anaesthetized and conscious animals
It is concluded that reflex circulatory responses evoked by visceral distension in anaesthetized rats are a valid index for the evaluation of opioid‐induced antinociception. Expand
Effect of tazolol on β‐adrenoceptors in isolated preparations of the guinea‐pig and rat
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Opiate-induced inhibition of the visceral distension reflex by peripheral and central mechanisms
Effects of opiates on the threshold for the reflex appear to be centrally mediated and to require an intact vagal innervation, and the magnitude of depressor responses is largely independent of vagalinnervation and may be influenced by opiates acting via peripheral mechanisms. Expand