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Acceleration of osteoblast differentiation by a novel osteogenic compound, DMP-PYT, through activation of both the BMP and Wnt pathways
Osteoblast differentiation is regulated through the successive activation of signaling molecules by a complex interplay of extracellular signals such as bone morphogenetic protein (BMP) and WntExpand
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Chemical affinity matrix-based identification of prohibitin as a binding protein to anti-resorptive sulfonyl amidine compounds.
In order to identify the binding proteins to anti-resorptive 5-chloro-1-(2,6-dimethylpiperidin-1-yl)-N-tosylpentan-1-imine (1), the chemical affinity matrix for the compound 1 (2b) was designed andExpand
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Anti‐Adipogenic Activity of the Naturally Occurring Phenanthroindolizidine Alkaloid Antofine via Direct Suppression of PPARγ Expression
Antofine (ANTF) is a phenanthroindolizidine alkaloid isolated from the root of Cynanchum paniculatum Kitagawa (Asclepiadaceae), which is used as an herbal remedy for pain and inflammation. ANTF alsoExpand
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Discovery of novel benzopyranyl tetracycles that act as inhibitors of osteoclastogenesis induced by receptor activator of NF-κB ligand.
A novel benzopyran-fused molecular framework 7ai was discovered as a specific inhibitor of RANKL-induced osteoclastogenesis using a cell-based TRAP activity assay from drug-like small-moleculeExpand
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TAZ is required for the osteogenic and anti-adipogenic activities of kaempferol.
Kaempferol (KMP) exerts protective effects against both osteoporosis and obesity by regulating cellular activities, but the underlying molecular mechanisms have not been fully elucidated. TAZExpand
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In vitro and in vivo osteogenic activity of licochalcone A
We investigated the in vitro and in vivo osteogenic activity of licochalcone A. At low concentrations, licochalcone A stimulated the differentiation of mouse pre-osteoblastic MC3T3-E1 subclone 4Expand
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Stress response, tachykinin, and cutaneous inflammation.
In the last decade, several new aspects of glucocorticoid (GC)-actions on immune cells have been recognized. This recognition has been largely obtained through clinical observations of stress-inducedExpand
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Anti-androgen receptor activity of apoptotic CK2 inhibitor CX4945 in human prostate cancer LNCap cells.
Androgen receptor (AR) is crucial for transcriptional signaling in prostate cancers. The anti-cancer activity of protein kinase CK2 (formerly called casein kinase 2)-specific small moleculeExpand
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A novel 11β-HSD1 inhibitor improves diabesity and osteoblast differentiation.
Selective inhibitors of 11β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 1 (11β-HSD1) have considerable potential as treatment for osteoporosis as well as metabolic syndrome including type 2 diabetes mellitus.Expand
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Involvement of gaseous low molecular monoxides in the cutaneous reverse passive Arthus reaction: cytoprotective action of carbon monoxide
The deposition of immune complexes (IC) induces an acute inflammatory response with tissue injury, for which the involvement of nitric oxide (NO) and carbon monoxide (CO) has been suggested. NO isExpand
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