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Activation of auditory cortex during silent lipreading.
Three experiments suggest that these auditory cortical areas are not engaged when an individual is viewing nonlinguistic facial movements but appear to be activated by silent meaningless speechlike movements (pseudospeech), which supports psycholinguistic evidence that seen speech influences the perception of heard speech at a prelexical stage. Expand
Detection of Audio-Visual Integration Sites in Humans by Application of Electrophysiological Criteria to the BOLD Effect
The efficacy of using an analytic approach informed by electrophysiology to identify multisensory integration sites in humans is demonstrated and the particular network of brain areas implicated in these crossmodal integrative processes are suggested to be dependent on the nature of the correspondence between the different sensory inputs. Expand
Amphetamine and apomorphine responses in the rat following 6-OHDA lesions of the nucleus accumbens septi and corpus striatum
Recovery of behavioural effects correlated with an increase in the remaining levels of DA in the NAS, and there is evidence that remaining DA levels in theNAS are greater at 90 than at 14 days postoperatively. Expand
Sustained attention deficit in bipolar disorder.
Sustained attention deficit may represent a neuropsychological vulnerability marker for bipolar disorder, providing a focus for further understanding of the phenotype and analysis of the neuronal networks involved. Expand
Perseverative interference in monkeys following selective lesions of the inferior prefrontal convexity
Monkeys with lesions of the inferior frontal convexity were impaired relative to controls in retaining an auditory frequency differentiation and in learning object and spatial reversals. Expand
Motor control
  • S. Iversen
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  • 31 August 2000
It is shown here how to convert discrete signal to analog voltage-D/A converter-pulse width modulation (PWM) and Amplify the analog signal-power supply-amplifier. Expand
Double dissociation of function within the hippocampus: a comparison of dorsal, ventral, and complete hippocampal cytotoxic lesions.
Rats with complete cytotoxic hippocampal lesions exhibited spatial memory impairments in both the water maze and elevated T maze and were less efficient on a nonspatial, differential reinforcement of low rates (DRL) task. Expand
Response amplification in sensory-specific cortices during crossmodal binding.
FMRI data suggest that the perceptual improvements effected by synthesizing matched multisensory inputs are realised by reciprocal amplification of the signal intensity in participating unimodal cortices. Expand
Selective 60HDA-induced destruction of mesolimbic dopamine neurons: Abolition of psychostimulant-induced locomotor activity in rats
Abstract Selective large scale destruction of mesolimbic dopamine-containing terminals is produced by bilateral injection of 8 μg of 6-hydroxydopamine (60HDA) into the nucleus accumbens septi (NAS)Expand
The pharmacological and anatomical substrates of the amphetamine response in the rat
It was concluded that both the locomotor and stereotyped responses induced by amphetamine are dependent on the functional integrity of the nigro-striatal dopamine pathway. Expand