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Diniconazole : metabolism in rats with repeated dosing and effects on rat hepatic enzymes
Diniconazole の主成分である (R)-(E)-1-(2, 4-dichlorophenyl)-4, 4-dimethyl-2-(1, 2, 4-triazol-1-yl)-1-penten-3-ol〔以下(R)-Eと略す〕の反復投与時のラットにおける代謝を調べた. トリアゾール基を14Cで標識した (R)-Eを125mg/kgの割合で連続14日間 (第0日~第13日)
Permeability of a Nuclear Membrane: Changes during Normal Development and Changes Induced by Growth Hormone
The ion permeability of the nuclear membrane envelope of salivary gland cells (of the midge Chironomus thummi) undergoes changes during development and can be reproduced within 1 hour by injections of the growth hormone ecdyson.
Fenvalerate-induced granulomatous changes in rats and mice.
The size and number of the microgranulomatous changes were typical of foreign body granulomas; they did not have the appearance ofgranulomas formed in response to immunologic stimulus.
Hormonal disregulation mechanism in the rat thyroid tumor induced by diniconazole.
The thyroid tumorigenesis in rats treated with diniconazole is due to the secondary overstimulant effect on the thyroid by increased serum TSH level, which probably leads to increased 125I uptake of thyroid and thyroid follicular cell hyperplasia.
Metabolism of metoxadiazone in rats
5-メトキシ-3-(2-メトキシフェニル)-1,3,4-オキサジアゾール-2(3H)-オン, metoxadiazone (Elemic®) のべンビン環14C標識体をSD系雌雄ラットに1mg/kgの割合で1回経口または皮下投与すると, 14Cは速やかに主に尿中へ排泄された. 尿中への14C排泄量は, 投与後1日間に投与量の68~75%, 7日間に80~90%であった.
[One-year chronic dietary toxicity study of d.d-T80-prallethrin in rats].
Almost all the above chronic toxicities were reversible and a lower incidence of fatty metamorphosis in the liver of females at 52 week was revealed.