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Improvement of growth, fruit weight and early blight disease protection of tomato plants by rhizosphere bacteria is correlated with their beneficial traits and induced biosynthesis of antioxidant
A strong protection against early blight disease was observed in PGPR-pretreated tomato plants infected with Alternaria solani which is in accordance with the presence of siderophores, HCN, chitinase and glucanase in the isolated PGPRs.
Seed priming with Trichoderma harzianum isolates enhances plant growth and induces resistance against Plasmopara halstedii, an incitant of sunflower downy mildew disease
Tested plant growth promoting fungal (PGPF) isolates remain significant in enhancing vegetative and reproductive growth parameters, including plant height, early flowering, reduced crop duration, ear head size and crop yield under field conditions when compared to the untreated control.
CpG island of rat sphingosine kinase-1 gene: tissue-dependent DNA methylation status and multiple alternative first exons.
Rat Sphk1 is identified, using multiple alternative first exons for the subtypes, and it is demonstrated that there is a CpG island bearing T-DMR, which is hypomethylated in the adult brain where Sphk 1a is expressed, whereas it is hypermethylated inThe adult heart where the gene is not expressed.
Climate forcing and the Kuroshio/Oyashio ecosystem
The Kuroshio and Oyashio, western boundary currents in the North Pacific, greatly influence climate, ecosystems, and fisheries in the western North Pacific and its adjacent waters. The
Differences in cell viabilities of phytoplankton between spring and late summer in the northwest Pacific Ocean
The phytoplankton cell death in late summer was particularly significant for their loss process and could support the microbial food webs by supplying dissolved organic carbon derived from the dead cells.
Cold-Core Anticyclonic Eddies South of the Bussol’ Strait in the Northwestern Subarctic Pacific
Abstract Summer hydrographic surveys from 1993 to 1997 in the area south of the Kuril Islands in the northwestern subarctic Pacific showed the existence of anticyclonic eddies south of the Bussol’
ADCP-Referenced Kuroshio and Oyashio Water Transports for North Pacific Intermediate Water Formation*
Abstract The ADCP-referenced geostrophic circulation of the Oyashio and Kuroshio waters in the density range 26.6–27.2 σθ in the Kuroshio–Oyashio interfrontal zone is examined by synoptic
Projected impacts of climate change on marine fish and fisheries
This paper reviews current literature on the projected effects of climate change on marine fish and shellfish, their fisheries, and fishery-dependent communities throughout the northern hemisphere.
α‐Tomatine, the major saponin in tomato, induces programmed cell death mediated by reactive oxygen species in the fungal pathogen Fusarium oxysporum
The tomato saponin α‐tomatine has been proposed to kill sensitive cells by binding to cell membranes followed by leakage of cell components. However, details of the modes of action of the compound on
Genetic diversity and pathogenicity of Fusarium oxysporum isolated from wilted Welsh onion in Japan
Phylogenetic analysis based on the IGS sequences revealed polyphyletic origins of the isolates and a relationship between phylogeny and pathogenicity; low virulence isolates differed genetically from those with high and moderate virulence.