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Targeting microplastic particles in the void of diluted suspensions.
Accumulation of microplastic in the environment and food chain will be a grand challenge for our society. Polyurethanes are widely used synthetic polymers in medical (e.g. catheters) and industrialExpand
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Exploring Consumer Behavior in the Context of Fast Food Industry in Dhaka City
People in the Indian subcontinent have long been known for the delicious foodstuffs they prepare, serve, and eat. Times gone by suggest that they have used up a lot of their time, energy, and wealthExpand
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Analyzing The Brand Equity and Resonance of Banking Services: Bangladeshi Consumer Perspective
The importance of customers’ strong association with brands is immense. It helps an organization build long term relationship with the customers. The branding activity of organization is summarizedExpand
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A robust protocol for directed aryl sulfotransferase evolution toward the carbohydrate building block GlcNAc
Bacterial aryl sulfotransferases (AST) utilize p‐nitrophenylsulfate (pNPS) as a phenolic donor to sulfurylate typically a phenolic acceptor. Interest in aryl sulfotransferases is growing because ofExpand
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KnowVolution Campaign of an Aryl Sulfotransferase Increases Activity toward Cellobiose.
Sulfated polysaccharides such as cellulose can mimic the functionalities of pathophysiologically important glycosaminoglycans. Enzymatic sulfation offers a green chemistry route to selectiveExpand
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Directed aryl sulfotransferase evolution toward improved sulfation stoichiometry on the example of catechols
Sulfation is an important way for detoxifying xenobiotics and endobiotics including catechols. Enzymatic sulfation occurs usually with high chemo- and/or regioselectivity under mild reactionExpand
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Preventing Letter of Credit Fraud
Letters of Credit (Ls/C), the mostly used method of financing international trade, have become a growing concern for the entire international trading community due to Ls/C fraud. Concerned parties inExpand
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Loop engineering of aryl sulfotransferase B for improving catalytic performance in regioselective sulfation
Catechol sulfates act in our body as important antioxidants and often have anti-inflammatory properties. Enzymatic sulfation of catechol as well as substituted catechols by aryl sulfotransferasesExpand
Essential thrombocythaemia during pregnancy treated with alpha interferon
  • Shohana Islam
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  • Archives of Disease in Childhood: Fetal and…
  • 1 April 2012
Introduction and background Essential thrombocythaemia (ET) is a myeloproliferative disorder of unknown aetiology characterised by an abnormal increase in platelet count. As 20% of patients may beExpand