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Solar and Net Radiation-Based Equations to Estimate Reference Evapotranspiration in Humid Climates
Two equations for estimating grass reference evapotranspiration (ET0) were derived using the Food and Agriculture Orga- nization Penman-Monteith ~FAO56-PM! method as an index. The first equation,Expand
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Determination of Crop Water Stress Index for Irrigation Timing and Yield Estimation of Corn
Corn (Zea mays L.) grown under a Mediterranean semiarid climate requires supplemental irrigation to maximize the grain yield. Since the cost of irrigation application has been increasing, eliminationExpand
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Sensitivity Analyses and Sensitivity Coefficients of Standardized Daily ASCE-Penman-Monteith Equation
The sensitivity of the standardized ASCE grass-reference Penman-Monteith evapotranspiration (ASCE-PM E To ) equation to climate variables in different regions has not yet been studied. SensitivityExpand
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Application of SEBAL Model for Mapping Evapotranspiration and Estimating Surface Energy Fluxes in South-Central Nebraska
Knowledge of spatiotemporal distribution of evapotranspiration ET on large scales, as quantified by satellite remote sensing techniques, can provide important information on a variety of waterExpand
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Yield response of corn to deficit irrigation in a semiarid climate
Abstract Irrigation water supplies are decreasing in many areas of the US Great Plains, which is requiring many farmers to consider deficit-irrigating corn (Zea mays L.) or growing crops like winterExpand
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Autonomous precision agriculture through integration of wireless underground sensor networks with center pivot irrigation systems
In this paper, a proof-of-concept towards an autonomous precision irrigation system is provided through the integration of a center pivot (CP) irrigation system with wireless underground sensor networks. Expand
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Irrigation Efficiency and Uniformity,and Crop Water Use Efficiency
This Extension Circular describes various irrigation efficiency, crop water use efficiency, and irrigation uniformity evaluation terms that are relevant to irrigation systems and management practicesExpand
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Effect of irrigation amounts applied with subsurface drip irrigation on corn evapotranspiration, yield, water use efficiency, and dry matter production in a semiarid climate
Quantifying the local crop response to irrigation is important for establishing adequate irrigation management strategies. This study evaluated the effect of irrigation applied with subsurface dripExpand
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Daily Grass and Alfalfa-Reference Evapotranspiration Estimates and Alfalfa-to-Grass Evapotranspiration Ratios in Florida
Efficient use of natural water resources in agriculture is becoming an important issue in Florida because of the rapid depletion of freshwater resources due to the increasing trend of industrialExpand
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The standardized ASCE Penman-Monteith (ASCE-PM) model was used to estimate grass-reference evapotranspiration (ETo) over a range of climates at seven locations based on hourly and 24 h weather data.Expand
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