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Optical properties of ZnTe thin films
By investigating the optical properties of monocrystals and of thin films of semiconductors for light of energy higher than the forbidden gap energy Eg, it is possible to obtain information on theirExpand
Use of irradiation as quarantine treatment for agricultural products infested by mites and insects
Abstract The criterion for efficacy of irradiation of agricultural products as a quarantine treatment should be based on the inability to perpetuate the pest at a new location rather than in causingExpand
Evaluating the Use of Nuclear Techniques for the Colonization and Production of Natural Enemies of Agricultural Insect Pests
Name (CSI) Institute/Country Miguel Carlos Zapater Universidad de Buenos Aires Facultad de Agronomía Depto. de Ecología, Cátedra de Genética Buenos Aires, Argentina Gernot Hoch/ Christian StaufferExpand
Cases of phosphine resistance in the grain weevil , Sitophilus granarius found in Poland
Laboratory strains of the gram weevil (Sltoplul U~ qra IW 1'1 n~), the nce weevil (5 oruzae }, the confused flour beetle t Triboliurn coniusum ), and the lesser gram borer (Rluzopertha donuruca ) ,Expand
Genetics of diapause supression in the two-spotted spider mite,Tetranychus urticae Koch
The genetic basis of the suppression of diapause in ND1 and ND2 was analysed by means of mendelian crosses and backcrosses, using the photoperiodic cycle LD 10∶14 as diagnostic for the distinction of diapausing and non-diapausing phenotypes. Expand