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A comparative study of the contents of corporate social responsibility reports of UK companies
The last few decades have seen an increase in awareness on the part of corporate entities in Western democracies that they are morally obliged to give something back to society. An entity that failsExpand
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Are the corporate social responsibility matters based on good intentions or false pretences? An empirical study of the motivations behind the issuing of CSR reports by UK companies
Purpose – This paper documents the motivations of modern corporations in issuing corporate social responsibility (CSR) reports to their stakeholders. It further demonstrates why these entities haveExpand
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Innovative Csr: From Risk Management to Value Creation
Foreword Professor Dr Philippe Haspeslagh Innovative corporate social responsibility: an introduction Samuel O. Idowu, Celine Louche and Walter Leal Filho Part I: CSR and competitive advantage 1. AnExpand
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Professionals' perspectives of corporate social responsibility
Since the general acceptance of the field of corporate social responsibility worldwide, corporate entities and those who act for them either as executives or “ordinary” employees are expected to beExpand
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An exploratory study of the historical landscape of corporate social responsibility in the UK
Purpose – This paper aims to piece together chronologically the events and revolutionary acts that have been taken by groups of individuals, entrepreneurs/industrialists and corporate entities in theExpand
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Corporate social responsibility in the global business world
Part One: Professionals' CSR.- Part Two: Corporate Governance and Financial Crisis.- Part Three: Not-for-Profit Sector and SMEs.- Part Four: Ethics, Morality and CSR in Corporations.- Part Five: CSRExpand
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An empirical study of what institutions of higher education in the UK consider to be their corporate social responsibility
The field of corporate social responsibility (CSR) is relatively a new field when compared with other fields. It was in the 1980s that corporate entities around the world started to generateExpand
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Forecasting heat load for smart district heating systems: A machine learning approach
The rapid increase in energy demand requires effective measures to plan and optimize resources for efficient energy production within a smart grid environment. Expand
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