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The Political Economy of Policy-Making
This chapter purports to offer a conceptual framework for the study of the political economy of policy-making mainly in Japan and other developing countries. Its main concern is not any particularExpand
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Factor Proportions and Foreign Trade: The Case of Japan
AbstractThe following sections are included:The Leontief Paradox?Computational Procedures and Statistical DataStatistical Results and Implications
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Policies for Economic Development
This chapter presents a summary of and reflection on the Japanese experiences with economic and social policies in postwar period and thereby tries to offer a frame of reference for examining andExpand
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Introduction to: Econometric Modeling of China
AbstractPrior to the starting of the economic reform initiated by Deng Xiaoping in the Peoples' Republic of China in 1978, the concepts of modern economic analysis played little formal role insideExpand
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Interregional Input-Output Analysis of the Chinese Economy
How to Construct the Interregional Input-Output Table IRIO Table of Chinese Economy in 1987 The Characteristics of Seven Regions An Analysis of Interregional Dependence by the IRIO Table ApplicationsExpand
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Interdisciplinary Research and Area Studies
Methodological and Institutional Problems of Interdisciplinary Research in Area Studies. Although there are many problems in development research that can be adequately analysed along the lines ofExpand
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Decentralization Policies in Asian Development
The Promise and Reality of Decentralization in Asia (R Bahl) Reality of Decentralization Issues in Japan (T Hatta) Political Decentralization: Political Decentralization and Fiscal Reform in Japan (TExpand
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