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Bimodal behavior of accretion disks: Theory and application to Cygnus X-1 transitions
We develop a theory of Newtonian accretion disks based on an explicit formulation of viscous stresses arising from turbulent magnetic fields which are generated by Keplerian differential rotation of
The shear modulus of the neutron star crust and nonradial oscillations of neutron stars
Shear moduli are calculated for bcc crystalline and rapidly quenched Coulomb solids produced by the Monte Carlo simulation method. The shear moduli are calculated up to the transition temperature and
Strongly coupled plasmas: high-density classical plasmas and degenerate electron liquids
Classical and degenerate, strongly coupled plasmas are approached by computer simulations, analytic theories, and variational methods. Thermodynamic properties predicted in those various approaches
Thermodynamics and Correlational Properties of Finite-Temperature Electron Liquids in the Singwi-Tosi-Land-Sjolander Approximation
The dielectric formulation is applied to the study of the static correlations in the electron liquids at finite temperatures. The strong coupling effects arising from the exchange and Coulomb
Dielectric formulation of strongly coupled electron liquids at metallic densities. IV. Static properties in the low-density domain and the Wigner crystallization
Thermodynamic and correlational properties of strongly coupled degenerate electron liquids are investigated in the low-density domain down to ${r}_{s}=70$, on the basis of the dielectric formulation
Nuclear fusion in dense plasmas
The review begins by grouping the fundamental nuclear reactions into two classifications, namely, the usual binary processes and few-particle processes. In the few-particle processes, the possibility