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About the Interaction of Nanoparticles
Nanotechnology operates with nanoparticles, which are an isolated solid-phase object that has a clearly defined boundary with the environment, the dimensions of which in all three dimensions are fromExpand
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More About the Inconsistency Solution of the Maxwell Equations
A brief description of the non-contradictory solution of the Maxwell equations given in [1] and new additions are given.
The Flow Structure of the Electromagnetic Energy in the Wire with Constant Current // Структура потока электромагнитной энергии в проводе с постоянным током
Describes the structure of the flow of electromagnetic energy in the wire with constant current. It is shown that there is a flow directed radially towards the center of the wire; is a flowExpand
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Flow of Electromagnetic Energy in the Wire and the Milroy Engine \\ Поток электромагнитной энергии в проводе и двигатель Мильроя
It is shown that the current in the wire has a complex structure, and inside wire extends the flow of electromagnetic energy. The functioning of the Milroy engine can be explained by the existenceExpand
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Mathematical Model of Ball Lightning \\ Математическая модель шаровой молнии
Based on the Maxwell's equations and on the understanding of the electrical conductivity of the body of ball lightning, a mathematical model of ball lightning is built; the structure of theExpand
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A new approach to the design of spacecraft for flights in space is proposed. The device for converting an electromagnetic pulse into a mechanical pulse is analyzed in detail. An experiment isExpand
Electromagnetic Energy Flux in a Conductor with a Alternating Current // Поток электромагнитной энергии в проводнике с переменным током
We prove (in the framework of classical electrodynamics) that the flow of electromagnetic energy in a conductor • directed along the axis of the wire, • extends along the axis of the wire, • extendsExpand
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To the Theory of Perpetual Motion Holder
The discussed experiment demonstrates the preservation of integrity in a prefabricated construction in the absence of visible fastening forces. It is shown that the experiment can be explained by theExpand
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More About the Nature of the Earth's Magnetism \\ Еще о природе Земного магнетизма
A hypothesis of the Earth magnetism nature is presented and debated. \\ Предлагается и обсуждается гипотеза о природе Земного магнетизма.
Faraday Unipolar Motor and the Impulse Preservation Law. // Униполярный двигатель Фарадея и закон сохранения импульса.
The cause of unsupported motion in Faraday unipolar motor and similar designs is considered. It is shown that such motion is being generated due to the fact that there, together with the drivingExpand
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