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The Millipede Families Cryptodesmidae, Haplodesmidae, Pyrgodesmidae, Opisotretidae and Xystodesmidae in Taiwan (Diplopoda, Polydesmida)
Faunistic records are provided, summarized and mapped for several smaller families of the millipede order Polydesmida in Taiwan. Both Pyrgodesmidae and Opisotretidae are new to the Taiwanese list.
Identity of the Millipede, Pseudoniponiella kometis (Attems, 1938) (Diplopoda: Polydesmida: Cryptodesmidae)
The widespread Indochinese millipede, Niponia kometis (Attems, 1938), is abundantly illustrated from type material and shown to be senior to Trichopeltis deharvengi Golovatch, Geoffroy, Mauries and
Afrotropical Pyrgodesmidae , 2 ( Diplopoda : Polydesmida ) Çàìåòêè ïî àôðîòðîïè÷åñêèì Pyrgodesmidae , 2 ( Diplopoda : Polydesmida )
The genera Urodesmus and Monachodesmus are reviewed and shown to comprise four and 18 species, respectively, all keyed, including U. cornutus sp.n., M. longicaudatus sp.n. and M. armorum sp.n., all
Afrotropical Pyrgodesmidae , 3 ( Diplopoda : Polydesmida ) Çàìåòêè ïî àôðîòðîïè÷åñêèì Pyrgodesmidae , 3 ( Diplopoda : Polydesmida )
диальными задними пластинами на 19-м сегменте, которые полностью скрывают тельсон при виде сверху. Составлен ключ для всех шести видов этой группы. И Afrocorypha Loksa, 1967, и Procoptodesmus