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Petrogenesis of Mafic Garnet Granulite in the Lower Crust of the Kohistan Paleo-arc Complex (Northern Pakistan): Implications for Intra-crustal Differentiation of Island Arcs and Generation of
We report the results of a geochemical study of the Jijal and Sarangar complexes, which constitute the lower crust of the Mesozoic Kohistan paleo-island arc (Northern Pakistan). The Jijal complex isExpand
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Construction of the granitoid crust of an island arc part I: geochronological and geochemical constraints from the plutonic Kohistan (NW Pakistan)
We present major and trace element analyses and U–Pb zircon intrusion ages from I-type granitoids sampled along a crustal transect in the vicinity of the Chilas gabbronorite of the KohistanExpand
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Age and isotopic constraints on magmatism along the Karakoram-Kohistan Suture Zone, NW Pakistan: evidence for subduction and continued convergence after India-Asia collision
Abstract.Detailed geological mapping in the Drosh-Shishi area in southern Chitral (NW Pakistan) was combined with high-precision U-Pb dating on zircons to constrain the timing of magmatism andExpand
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Shear strain localization from the upper mantle to the middle crust of the Kohistan Arc (Pakistan)
Abstract Shear structures from mantle to middle crust levels of the Kohistan palaeo-island arc, in Pakistan, are described. Pre-Himalayan ductile shear zones show a wide variety in size and shape,Expand
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Multistage evolution of the Jijal ultramafic-mafic complex (Kohistan, N Pakistan): Implications for building the roots of island arcs
The ultramafic–mafic complexes located at the base of obducted paleo-island arcs are commonly interpreted as evidence for intra-crustal fractionation of primitive (high-Mg#) mantle melts. The presentExpand
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Stratigraphy and structure of the Indus Suture in the Lower Swat, Pakistan, NW Himalaya
Abstract We present a geological map, detailed structural description and new subdivisions of the Indus Suture Zone lithologies in northeast Pakistan (Lower Swat region). The Indus Suture Zone is aExpand
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Pre-collisional anastomosing shear zones in the Kohistan arc, NW Pakistan
Abstract Ductile strain localization commonly forms a pattern of shear zones anastomosing around lenses of less deformed rock. Initiation and development of anastomosing shear zones are studiedExpand
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Origin of the island arc Moho transition zone via melt-rock reaction and its implications for intracrustal differentiation of island arcs: Evidence from the Jijal complex (Kohistan complex, northern
If the net fl ux to the island arc crust is primitive arc basalt, the evolved composition of most arc magmas entails the formation of complementary thick ultramafi c keels at the root of the islandExpand
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Magma and fluid percolation in arc to forearc mantle: Evidence from Sapat (Kohistan, Northern Pakistan)
Abstract The Sapat peridotite in Kohistan (NW Pakistan) is a 12 × 1 km sized body of meta-harzburgites, dunites, pyroxenites and meta-gabbros in the hanging wall of the Indus Suture Zone. FieldExpand
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TTG-type plutonic rocks formed in a modern arc batholith by hydrous fractionation in the lower arc crust
We present the geochemistry and intrusion pressures of granitoids from the Kohistan batholith, which represents, together with the intruded volcanic and sedimentary units, the middle and upper arcExpand
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