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Pseudoreplication and the Design of Ecological Field Experiments
Pseudoreplication is defined. as the use of inferential statistics to test for treatment effects with data from experiments where either treatments are not replicated (though samples may be) orExpand
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The Measurement of Niche Overlap and Some Relatives
Existing overlap indices are examined and are judged to be inadequate on the grounds (1) that they lack simple and appropriate biological interpretations, and (2) that they ignore possible variationExpand
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Final Collapse of the Neyman-Pearson Decision Theoretic Framework and Rise of the neoFisherian
This essay grew out of an examination of one-tailed significance testing. One-tailed tests were little advocated by the founders of modern statistics but are widely used and recommended nowadays inExpand
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Spatial distribution of the montane unicorn
Analyse de la repartition de 5 populations de l'espece recemment decouverte Monoceros montanus.Ces donnees fournissent la base d'une discussion sur l'approche mathematique de l'analyse de repartitionExpand
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Thermal, mixing, and oxygen regimes of the Salton Sea, California, 1997–1999
The Salton Sea is a shallow (mean depth = 8 m; maximum depth = 15 m), saline (41–45 g l−1), intermittently mixing, 57 km long, 980 km2 lake located in the arid southwestern United States. The Sea isExpand
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Impacts of mosquitofish (Gambusia affinis) predation on plankton communities
An investigation of the effects of mosquitofish (Gambusia affinis) predation was conducted in 12 experimental ponds in southern California over a period of 10 months.Gambusia essentiallyExpand
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Length-weight relations and growth rates of dominant fishes of the Salton Sea: implications for predation by fish-eating birds
Abstract The Salton Sea is the largest lake in California. Inflows are primarily from agricultural runoff, which render it eutrophic and able to support extensive fisheries. The lake and itsExpand
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Misprescription and misuse of one‐tailed tests
One-tailed statistical tests are often used in ecology, animal behaviour and in most other fields in theExpand
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Scale in the Design and Interpretation of Aquatic Community Research
The scales employed in investigations of aquatic ecosystems can strongly influence interpretations of community patterns and processes. Some examples are obvious; in contrasting cladocerans andExpand
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Aquatic Biota of Mexico, Central America and the West Indies
The Cuhcidae are one of the most readily recognized families of nematocerous Diptera. Adults are distinguished from those of the closely related Dixidae and Chaobotidae by the proloagatioa of theExpand
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