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Pseudoreplication and the Design of Ecological Field Experiments
Suggestions are offered to statisticians and editors of ecological journals as to how ecologists' under- standing of experimental design and statistics might be improved.
The Nonconcept of Species Diversity: A Critique and Alternative Parameters.
It is suggested that species diversity has become a meaningless concept, that the term be abandoned, and that ecologists take a more critical approach to species-number relations and rely less on information theoretic and other analogies.
The Measurement of Niche Overlap and Some Relatives
Two indices interpretable in terms of encounters are proposed, which in corporate variation in resource state abundance are also developed for mean crowding, patchiness and niche breadth.
Final Collapse of the Neyman-Pearson Decision Theoretic Framework and Rise of the neoFisherian
This essay grew out of an examination of one-tailed significance testing. One-tailed tests were little advocated by the founders of modern statistics but are widely used and recommended nowadays in
Spatial distribution of the montane unicorn
Analyse de la repartition de 5 populations de l'espece recemment decouverte Monoceros montanus.Ces donnees fournissent la base d'une discussion sur l'approche mathematique de l'analyse de repartition
Ecosystem Alteration by Mosquitofish (Gambusia affinis) Predation
In artificial pools Gambusia affinis greatly reduced rotifer, crustacean, and insect populations and thus permitted extraordinary development of phytoplankton populations (2x108 cells per
Thermal, mixing, and oxygen regimes of the Salton Sea, California, 1997–1999
The Salton Sea is a shallow (mean depth = 8 m; maximum depth = 15 m), saline (41–45 g l−1), intermittently mixing, 57 km long, 980 km2 lake located in the arid southwestern United States. The Sea is
Impacts of mosquitofish (Gambusia affinis) predation on plankton communities
Evidence is summarized suggesting that in general calanoids are more susceptible to predation by predaceous zooplankters while cyclopoids areMore susceptible to fish predation.
Length-weight relations and growth rates of dominant fishes of the Salton Sea: implications for predation by fish-eating birds
The Salton Sea is the largest lake in California and its surrounding wetlands are critical links for the Pacific Flyway, providing refuge and food for an extensive and diverse avifauna.
Predator Responses to the Vermilion-Spotted Newt (Notophthalmus viridescens)
Efts, adults and recently metamorphosed larvae of Notophthalmus viridescens were offered to a variety of potential predators, usually simultaneously or in alternating succes- sion with plethodontids