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Machine Learning: Neural Networks, Genetic Algorithms, and Fuzzy Systems
Perceptron Learning with a Hidden Layer An Object-Oriented Backpropagation Learning Model Concurrent Backpropagation Learning Algorithms An Adaptive Conjugate Gradient Learning Algorithm forExpand
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A parallel genetic/neural network learning algorithm for MIMD shared memory machines
  • S. Hung, H. Adeli
  • Medicine, Computer Science
  • IEEE Trans. Neural Networks
  • 1 November 1994
A new algorithm is presented for training of multilayer feedforward neural networks by integrating a genetic algorithm with an adaptive conjugate gradient neural network learning algorithm. TheExpand
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Automotive Waste Heat Conversion to Electric Power using Skutterudite, TAGS, PbTe and BiTe
BSST began development of a high efficiency Thermoelectric Waste Energy Recovery System for passenger vehicle applications in November 2004 under a contract [Contract No. DE-FC26-04NT42279] awardedExpand
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An adaptive conjugate gradient learning algorithm for efficient training of neural networks
Abstract An adaptive conjugate gradient learning algorithm has been developed for training of multilayer feedforward neural networks. The problem of arbitrary trial-and-error selection of theExpand
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Detection of structural damage via free vibration responses generated by approximating artificial neural networks
This work presented a novel neural network-based approach for detecting structural damage. The proposed approach involves two steps. The first step, system identification, uses neural systemExpand
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Neural network and genetic learning algorithms for computer-aided design and pattern recognition
Four different technologies, object-oriented programming, genetic algorithms, mathematical programming, and fuzzy set theory, have been employed for developing effective serial or concurrent neuralExpand
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Object-oriented backpropagation and its application to structural design
Abstract A multilayer neural network development environment, called ANNDE, is presented for implementing effective learning algorithms for the domain of engineering design using the object-orientedExpand
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A neural network approach for structural identification and diagnosis of a building from seismic response data
This work presents a novel procedure for identifying the dynamic characteristics of a building and diagnosing whether the building has been damaged by earthquakes, using a back-propagation neuralExpand
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Nonparametric Identification of a Building Structure from Experimental Data Using Wavelet Neural Network
Abstract:  This study presents a wavelet neural network-based approach to dynamically identifying and modeling a building structure. By combining wavelet decomposition and artificial neural networksExpand
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A Wavelet-Based Approach to Identifying Structural Modal Parameters from Seismic Response and Free Vibration Data
This work presents the use of a discrete wavelet transform to determine the natural frequencies, damping ratios, and mode shapes of a structure from its free vibration or earthquake response data.Expand
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