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The effects of imagery and sensory detection distractors on different measures of pain: how does distraction work?
The results indicate that a task that requires attention to external cues has more impact on pain than either a positive or neutral imagination task, but it is not clear that the specific resources used by the distraction tasks moderated pain differentially as predicted by multiple-resource theory. Expand
Marathon runners’ reaction to potassium iontophoretic experimental pain: Pain tolerance, pain threshold, coping and self‐efficacy
The results indicate that marathon runners have a reduced experience of pain compared with non‐runners, which appears to be augmented by a high level of pain specific self‐efficacy but is unaffected by the influence of general cognitive coping strategies. Expand
Iontophoretically applied potassium ions as an experimental pain stimulus for investigating pain mechanisms
It was concluded that potassium iontophoresis is a convenient and reliable experimental pain stimulus, which can be presented rapidly and repeatedly with minimal loss in consistency of subject pain report. Expand
An investigation of the gate control theory of pain using the experimental pain stimulus of potassium iontophoresis
It was concluded that the detection of a pain pulse during the ramping off of a peripheral pain stimulus potentially provides a quantitative measure of the spinal modulation of pain. Expand
The reliability and validity of iontophoretically applied potassium as an experimental pain stimulus
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The Effects of Reversing the Roles of the Hands on the Development of Piano Performance Skill: A Preliminary Investigation
The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of reversing the r6les of the two hands during the early stages of learning to play the piano. We transcribed the treble clef partsExpand