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Learning phase transitions by confusion
This work proposes a neural-network approach to finding phase transitions, based on the performance of a neural network after it is trained with data that are deliberately labelled incorrectly, and paves the way to the development of a generic tool for identifying unexplored phase transitions.
Observation of phononic helical edge states in a mechanical topological insulator
The collective behavior of mechanical oscillators exhibiting the phenomenology of the quantum spin Hall effect is characterized, and the phononic edge modes are shown to be helical, and this may enable the design of topological acoustic metamaterials that can capitalize on the stability of the surface phonons as reliable wave guides.
Observation of a phononic quadrupole topological insulator
Measurements of a phononic quadrupole topological insulator are reported and topological corner states are found that are an important stepping stone to the experimental realization of topologically protected wave guides in higher dimensions, and thereby open up a new path for the design of metamaterials.
Bose condensation in flat bands
We derive effective Hamiltonians for lattice bosons with strong geometrical frustration of the kinetic energy by projecting the interactions on the flat lowest Bloch band. Specifically, we consider
Effective theory and emergent SU(2) symmetry in the flat bands of attractive Hubbard models
In a partially filled flat Bloch band electrons do not have a well defined Fermi surface and hence the low-energy theory is not a Fermi liquid. Neverethless, under the influence of an attractive
Classification of topological phonons in linear mechanical metamaterials
This work provides a classification scheme of topological phonons based on local symmetries and imports and adapts the classification of noninteracting electron systems and embeds it into the mechanical setup.
Dynamical critical phenomena in driven-dissipative systems.
The nature of the Bose condensation transition in driven open quantum systems, such as exciton-polariton condensates, is explored and a critical exponent special to the driven system is identified, showing that it defines a new dynamical universality class.
Observation of quadrupole transitions and edge mode topology in an LC circuit network
Higher-order topological insulators belong to a recently discovered class of materials where nontrivial topology results in boundary states with a dimensionality two or more below that of the bulk.
Atomic quantum simulator for lattice gauge theories and ring exchange models.
A setup where this coupling term may allow for the realization and observation of exotic quantum phases, including a deconfined insulator described by the Coulomb phase of a three-dimensional U(1) lattice gauge theory is discussed.
Dynamical properties of ultracold bosons in an optical lattice
We study the excitation spectrum of strongly correlated lattice bosons for the Mott-insulating phase and for the superfluid phase close to localization. Within a Schwinger-boson mean-field approach