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Coulomb interactions in small charge-tunable quantum dots: A simple model
We present perturbation theory results for the Coulomb interactions between electrons, and between electrons and holes, in small quantum dots. The results are used to model both capacitance andExpand
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Near-field optical microscopy with a nanodiamond-based single-photon tip.
We introduce a point-like scanning single-photon source that operates at room temperature and offers an exceptional photostability (no blinking, no bleaching). This is obtained by grafting in aExpand
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Near-field optical imaging with a CdSe single nanocrystal-based active tip.
We report near-field scanning optical imaging with an active tip made of a single fluorescent CdSe nanocrystal attached at the apex of an optical tip. Although the images are acquired only partiallyExpand
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CdSe single-nanoparticle based active tips for near-field optical microscopy
We present a method to realize active optical tips for use in near-field optics that can operate at room temperature. A metal-coated optical tip is covered with a thin polymer layer stained with CdSeExpand
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Wigner and Kondo physics in quantum point contacts revealed by scanning gate microscopy.
Quantum point contacts exhibit mysterious conductance anomalies in addition to well-known conductance plateaus at multiples of 2e(2)/h. These 0.7 and zero-bias anomalies have been intensivelyExpand
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“Deterministic” quantum plasmonics.
We demonstrate “deterministic” launching of propagative quantum surface-plasmon polaritons at freely chosen positions on gold plasmonic receptacles. This is achieved by using as a plasmon launcher aExpand
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Fluorescent oxide nanoparticles adapted to active tips for near-field optics.
We present a new kind of fluorescent oxide nanoparticle (NP) with properties well suited to active-tip based near-field optics. These particles with an average diameter in the 5-10 nm range areExpand
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Single-photon decision maker
Decision making is critical in our daily lives and for society in general and is finding evermore practical applications in information and communication technologies. Herein, we demonstrateExpand
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Imaging and controlling electron transport inside a quantum ring
Traditionally, the understanding of quantum transport, coherent and ballistic1, relies on the measurement of macroscopic properties such as the conductance. Although powerful when coupled toExpand
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Surface plasmon mediated near-field imaging and optical addressing in nanoscience.
We present an overview of recent progress in "plasmonics". We focus our study on the observation and excitation of surface plasmon polaritons (SPPs) with optical near-field microscopy. We discuss inExpand
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