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Optical multiband observations of BL Lacertae during the outburst of 2005
The aim of our observations is to investigate the intranight variability properties and the spectral variability of BL Lacertae. 799 optical multiband observations were intensively made with theExpand
The optical spectral slope variability of 17 blazars
Many quasi-simultaneous optical observations of 17 blazars are obtained from previous papers published over the last 19 years in order to investigate the spectral slope variability and understand theExpand
Pressure and temperature stabilization of an existing chelle spectrograph II
The Echelle spectrograph FOCES, that was operated at the 2.2m Calar Alto telescope between 1995 and 2009 was moved to the laboratories of Munich University Observatories and is being as a test bedExpand
Pressure and temperature stabilization of an existing Echelle spectrograph III
The Echelle spectrograph FOCES1 is currently located at the laboratories of Munich University Observatories under pressure and temperature stabilized conditions. It is being used as a test bed for aExpand
Stability of the FOCES spectrograph using an astro-frequency comb as calibrator
We present the results of a series of measurements conducted using the upgraded Fiber Optic Cassegrain Echelle Spectrograph (FOCES)1 intended to be operated at the 2.0 m Fraunhofer Telescope at theExpand
Pressure and temperature stabilization of an existing Échelle spectrograph IV
Anna Brucalassia,b, Frank Gruppa,b, Florian Langb, Liang Wangc, Christian Franikb, Hanna Kellermb, Shao Ming Hud, Ulrich Hoppb and Ralf Bendera,b aMax Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics,Expand
The Weihai Observatory search for close-in planets orbiting giant stars
Planets are known to orbit giant stars, yet there is a shortage of planets orbiting within ~0.5 AU (P<100 days). First-ascent giants have not expanded enough to engulf such planets, but tidal forcesExpand
Variability of OI 090.4
OI 090.4 was monitored on 21 nights from 2006 to 2012 for studying the variability. Strong variations occurred during the past 6 years. The long-term variability amplitude is consistent with previousExpand
Light Curve Properties of high earth orbital rocket bodies Observed at Weihai Observatory of Shandong University
On-orbit spacecraft security is severely threatened by space debris, which may cause collisions, resulting in failures of space missions. Space debris surveillance and observation research areExpand
A wavefront sensor for the Wendelstein Fraunhofer Telescope
A modern 2-m telescope is in comissioning phase at Wendelstein Observatory since late 2013. In order to make full use of good seeing conditions in Wendelstein, many measures were taken to reduce theExpand