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A comparative study on the convulsant activity of carbapenems and beta-lactams.
In-vitro and in-vivo results suggest that carbapenems and cephalosporins might induce convulsions through the inhibition of GABA receptor binding when they are accumulated in the central nervous system. Expand
Anti-inflammatory effect of theophylline in rats and its involvement of the glucocorticoid-glucocorticoid receptor system.
The results suggest that theophylline itself has anti-inflammatory activity and the glucocorticoid-glucocortioid receptor system is involved in the anti- inflammatory activity of theophyLLine. Expand
Predictive Factors for Metastatic Infection in Patients With Bacteremia Caused by Methicillin-Sensitive Staphylococcus aureus
The predictive factors associated with the development of metastatic infection were a delay in appropriate antimicrobial treatment of >48 hours, persistent fever for >72 hours after starting antibiotic treatment and lowest C-reactive protein levels during 2 weeks after the onset of bacteremia. Expand
Clinical characteristics and risk factors for mortality in patients with bacteremia caused by Pseudomonas aeruginosa.
Thrombocytopenia and polymicrobial bacteremia were associated with a greater incidence of 30-day mortality among patients with P. aeruginosa bacteretmia and age, underlying disease, and inappropriate initial empirical antimicrobial treatment did not affect mortality. Expand
Pharmacokinetics and dosing estimation of meropenem in Japanese patients receiving continuous venovenous hemodialysis.
The pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic profile of dosing regimens tested in this study will assist in selecting the appropriate meropenem regimens for patients receiving CVVHD. Expand
Low level ß-lactamase production in methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus strains with ß-lactam antibiotics-induced vancomycin resistance
It is concluded that BIVR cells gain vancomycin resistance by the elimination or inactivation of β-lactamase production, thereby preserving β- lactam antibiotics in milieu, stimulating peptidoglycan metabolism, and depleting free van comycin to a level below the minimum inhibitory concentration of vancomYcin. Expand
Effect of Theophylline, Caffeine and Dimethylxanthines on Endogenous Glucocorticoid Levels in Mice. A Possible Mechanism of Anti‐inflammatory Activity of Theophylline
We studied the effect of theophylline and other dimethylxanthines on endogenous glucocorticoid levels in mice. Intraperitoneal administration of theophylline increased serum glucocorticoidExpand
Associations of HIV testing and late diagnosis at a Japanese university hospital
Voluntary HIV testing should be encouraged and physicians should screen all patients who have symptoms or signs and particularly hypergammaglobulinemia and thrombocytopenia, that may nonspecifically indicate HIV infection. Expand