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The Septuagint and Homeric Scholarship in Alexandria: A Study in the Narrative of the 'Letter of Aristeas'
The Letter of Aristeas tells the story of how Ptolemy Philadelphus of Egypt commissioned seventy scholars to translate the Hebrew Bible into Greek. Long accepted as a straightforward historicalExpand
Demetrios (Jewish historian/chronographer)
The earliest known Greco-Jewish exegete to base himself on the Septuagint, Demetrios flourished in Alexandria under Ptolemy IV Philopator (222–205 bce). Keywords: classical civilization; Expand
‘Jews as the Best of All Greeks’: Cultural Competition in the Literary Works of Alexandrian Judaeans of the Hellenistic Period
This chapter offers a potentially high heuristic value in analysing the social imaginary of Alexandrian Judaean authors of Ptolemaic times, as reflected in their literary works. The first concept,Expand